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Gig&Tell: Circa 21 Dinner Playhouse

  • A Great Experience to Grow    
    01/24/2018  3:05pm

    I'd definitely recommend working here if given the chance. The pay is above most non-eq and they have a gym membership included, with housing, and travel covered/reimbursed. The stage itself is beautiful! I had an emergency situation happen and will never forget how the team here did everything in their power to make things work.

    The town- There are a few gems here and there, some great places to eat, definitely not a fast paced town so you'll have to look for some events happening in the neighboring towns.

    Housing - There is one cast house and besides iffy Wifi it gets the job done!

  • Adorable and wonderful    
    02/11/2016  3:05pm

    I have a very similar response as below. I loved working here and would absolutely do so again...especially in the Summer.

    The producer is one of the nicest, sweetest men...all of the staff is lovely and I felt very cared for.

    The theatre and town are charming, charming, charming! Many things are in walking distance if you're used to New York walking. And, they provide a car.

    There were a few issues between castmates that did cast a bit of a shadow but overall the cast was talented and the director was wonderful. I made great friends and had a lot of fun.
    And, the pay is very good for non union (and that included a gym membership, and dinner on show days.)

    The cast house is big but if your cast is large, be prepared to double up or try and negotiate your own room.

    I'm hoping they'll do a play for which I'm right really soon! I miss Circa!

  • Definitely worth it!    
    02/10/2016  9:22pm

    I had a great time working for Circa. Would definitely do it again and would recommend to friends. Pay was great for non-eq and they cover the round trip flight.

    Housing/gym/car: good, especially if you have a small cast and get your own room. The house is huge (3 floors - 9 rooms, 2 kitchens, 2 bathrooms open to all and one room has it's own bathroom, a nice big front porch and a little back porch and backyard area) and is well kept. There is a company car (although it can be a bit unreliable as it is very old and was donated to the theater). You get a gym membership and the gym is walking distance away, as well as a bigger version of the gym across the river in Bettendorf (15-20 minute drive). Laundry and groceries are a drive away. The "downtown" area next to the theater has a cute coffee shop (Theo's) and there's a fun bar with incredibly cheap drinks.

    Theater: It is beautiful. Really nice space. The dressing rooms are big enough that you don't feel cramped and there are quite a few of them.

    Management: the producer is fantastic. Really sweet guy. Costumer is great. Stage management is lacking a bit - if you don't have any interpersonal problems in the cast you would never notice, but the stage manager is not one to crack the whip. If someone is out of line it is unlikely that it will be corrected. If this will drive you insane, I would recommend staying away from this theater. Despite not being an Equity theater they follow Equity rules for rehearsal and also appoint a non-equity "deputy".

    Schedule: Crazy easy. 5 shows a week. You get to eat at the theater before the show and I liked the food. I had enough time to take some trips out of the area. Oh, and if you are there in the summer there is a water park within walking distance!

  • The. Worst.    
    01/05/2014  4:08pm

    It's a beautiful space. Other than that.....
    It's literally the worst. Awful cast housing. Immature and Inappropriately cast people. Currently a 23 year old playing the mom (should be 40s at the least) in the show. Awful fend for yourself management who are completely uninvolved in any problems that arise. Amateurish non-eq theater at its finest.

    I would give it zero stars if I could.

    This person seems a bit butt hurt, so let me try and clear some of this bull up. Circa 21' is a VERY SOLID Non-Eq gig. Free housing, gym membership, car, and you get to eat at the theatre. The cast for 'A Christmas story, the musical' was young, but everyone was talented and did their job. Were some people incredibly immature at times, YES, but it's theatre people. I would highly recommend taking a contract at Circa...Probably not during the winter though. #PoorBenny

    01/12/2014  8:27pm


    01/28/2014  5:02pm

    I agree. Circa 21 gives you a lot of things that other places do not give you. Cast housing is a lot better than some that I have experienced in the past and they are a nice group of people to work for. Don't be an actor if you unwilling to adapt to your environment and learn to cope with other people and to be away from home. I find so many actors complaining about whatever contract they're on and then they get to the next contract and complain about that. YOU WILL NEVER FIND HAPPINESS THAT WAY. Circa was a lovely place and I would highly recommend it to the Non-Union Actor trying to gain some credits.

    02/12/2014  1:45am

    Question - I have an offer for this playhouse and I was hoping for more info on pay or benefits. A review above mentioned a car but they did not offer one. Did you have to negotiate for it? Any info would be helpful!!

    05/22/2015  8:17pm

    I loved working at Circa. Pay is good for being non-eq (plus if you fly they'll pay for your round-trip flight, not a stipend), housing is pretty nice (multiple kitchens and bathrooms), there is a cast car provided, and the theatre is beautiful. The production was great and the entire cast was incredibly talented. The locals are lovely, the producer is a sweetheart, and the schedule is so easy. If you get an offer, I say take it, especially for a great show or dream role.

    06/11/2015  10:49pm