Gig&Tell: West Virginia Public Theater

  • Great Experience! 04/07/2012  10:42am

    Beautiful theatre, quick rehearsal schedule- awesome shows!!!

    I absolutely loved working here! Would go back any day!

    12/30/2012  11:44am

    We had no audiences for most performances for the summer 2012. The admin didn't do much in getting audiences either (800 seat theater.) 1day off every two weeks. Pay was low. Housing very far from theater. If you don't have your own car, you feel stranded where you are living (cuz you can't go anywhere.) they don't offer EMC points anymore. Normally 1 week rehearsal (6 days) is crazy.

    03/15/2013  1:35am

    LOVED working here! Really nice people, fantastic housing, and high quality shows. Quick contract too, which means room for more summer work!

    Great time - I hope I can work there again!

    07/29/2013  11:46am

    Couldn't agree more! The company manager is on top of everything and helpful, everyone is extremely professional, the production values are high and they hire some great talent. I would work there again in a heartbeat. Nice gym (free tanning, whaaaat?), decent housing, great people. That being said, I recommend bringing your own vehicle if you can. The housing is a real trek from any shops or restaurants and while they'll drive you wherever you need to go, you'd have to ask for a ride anywhere but the gym/pool.

    08/19/2013  11:00pm

    What are the average contract lengths here?

    03/27/2015  6:50pm

    Theatre is under completely different management. Everything about it has changed since the previous posts except the name.

    03/25/2017  1:50pm

    Any updates on this theater? What are things one should be aware of?

    04/02/2018  10:44pm