Gig&Tell: Carousel Music Theatre

  • Best summer of my life!    
    02/28/2016  7:48pm

    It truly was the best summer of my life! Boothbay Harbor is out of this world beautiful. When you're not working it feels like you're on vacation. The cast house is huge and has everything you need and more(including a tv with dvr!). The theater is literally right next to the house, so you never have to travel far. Downtown Boothbay is a fun 10 minute walk away, and it has really cool restaurants and bars. The main bar there has a live band that plays every night. You start off the night by performing a cabaret during dinner, then you and your cast put on a show after. You make really good tip money, and even get a shift drink at the end of the night. You spend A LOT of time with the cast, so if you get a long with them, you will have an amazing summer. You perform 6 nights a week every night, and will come out of the summer feeling like your voice greatly improved. I would work there again in a heartbeat!

    Would you be willing to answer some questions about your time there!?

    03/24/2017  1:10pm

    Of course! What would you like to know?

    03/26/2017  8:29pm
  • Meh...    
    05/07/2012  4:51pm

    Positives and Negatives... you decide.

    Really long contract. House is right next door, full large kitchen and nice sized rooms (washing machine, yes but no dryer?) [cheap carpet job and cheap furniture in living room but it all gets the job done... neither here nor there]. SMALL CAST 5-7!! The theatre is not successful in bringing in big crowds so you'll have a lot of shows canceled and lots of small crowds especially at beginning and end of the summer meaning less tips. You are expected to promote the theatre (which is awkward) in the center of town for no more pay than what you make.

    Bring a car.

    I made more than enough to live on; tips were pretty good but this is always variable. Good for lots and lots and lots of performing experience-you serve food and do a cabaret as well as performing an hour long show each time. Dinner portion of the evening is really easy and chill. You sing a cabaret during, usually of good songs. Boothbay Harbor is a beautiful place to spend the summer but be prepared for how long this contract actually is (and how far boothbay harbor is from NYC if you want to get back for a few days or have others visit)...

    Biggest issue:

    Probably better if you are living with a great group of people but if not, management does not deal very well with interpersonal cast conflict (there is no stage manager or company manager to bring these issues to as Robb doesn't want to get his hands dirty or something). Big negative if there are deep issues between castmates, Imagine living and working 24/7 for 4 months with people you hate or who hate you... That being said, town is full of good people with big hearts.

    Because of small town and proximity of house to the theatre and a supermarket, it tends to be a pretty drunken summer.

    almost took a job here this past summer...thank god

    08/14/2014  1:03am