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Gig&Tell: Carousel Music Theatre

  • PURE HELL RUN NOW! 04/18/2018  7:31pm

    Where to begin. This place is the lowest of the low. Not the town. Just the theater and the management . DO NOT TAKE A JOB HERE....unless you don’t mind being treated like a piece of dirt and being made to perform in the worst conditions. High school productions are more professional then this place.

    The “manger” is a “school teacher” who doesn’t know anything about theater or running a business. Expired food is served along with patrons being treated like they are worthless. The “manager” yells at her son who is the lighting board operator. ( The lighting from what I can see is a huge fire hazard) She screams at cast members and people who have been at the theater for many seasons who come to help out. Chasing out all the help she has. The people who have been at the theater for many years know people in the town. It’s a small little town so word does travel fast! This women who runs the place is pure evil! I REPEAT DO NOT WORK HERE.

    When they say waiting tables its a joke. The meals are gross made with expired food and the kitchen is well let’s say not clean at all. The bar area is gross as well. I found some scary looking stuff behind there. Not sure if it was mold or a new fungus.

    The hosing isn’t horrible but isn’t the best. There is a washer that “works” but no dryer . I’m assuming there used to be a dryer as there is a a hole in the wall going outside . (If for some reason
    you do choose to work here make sure that hole is covered up or else there will be bugs in the house.) The beds are not the best. I bought a mattress case because there were so many stains on the mattress .

    I cherish the friends I made here as we all are still very close. But I can not get over how unprofessional it is and I regret signing the contract . You will lose your professional dignity.

    Run away!!

    04/18/2018  7:51pm

    I disagree with much of this post. First of all, you must be honest about the tips you make bcause it affects your taxes.

    I had a very different expierence at this theatre a few summers ago, and a gentleman in my cast returned the following summer, so all in all my entire cast had a great time. It looks like the theater is growing as well, not sure about this persons expierence, but I never had a problem with the manager nor did anyone in my year.

    04/24/2018  1:05pm

    Responding to the person who says the management "wasnt bad"... YOU HAD A DIFFERENT MANAGER. Robb left last summer and the "school teacher" stepped in. I agree with this post sadly. I loved my time there because it is a beautiful place and you do make decent tips, but at the cost of your professional dignity. Many cast members threatened and often discussed quitting on a weekly basis. So what does that tell you?

    05/14/2018  4:01pm
  • Best summer of my life!    
    02/28/2016  7:48pm

    It truly was the best summer of my life! Boothbay Harbor is out of this world beautiful. When you're not working it feels like you're on vacation. The cast house is huge and has everything you need and more(including a tv with dvr!). The theater is literally right next to the house, so you never have to travel far. Downtown Boothbay is a fun 10 minute walk away, and it has really cool restaurants and bars. The main bar there has a live band that plays every night. You start off the night by performing a cabaret during dinner, then you and your cast put on a show after. You make really good tip money, and even get a shift drink at the end of the night. You spend A LOT of time with the cast, so if you get a long with them, you will have an amazing summer. You perform 6 nights a week every night, and will come out of the summer feeling like your voice greatly improved. I would work there again in a heartbeat!

    Would you be willing to answer some questions about your time there!?

    03/24/2017  1:10pm

    Of course! What would you like to know?

    03/26/2017  8:29pm

    What is money actually like? like ballpark estimate?

    What are your living conditions like also?

    03/27/2018  7:16pm

    The money fluctuates because of tips, but I would say especially in the heart of the summer you’re making really good money for summer stock! In my time there I acted like a true tourist and did “Boothbay Harbor things” and still came out with money.

    The living conditions I thought were awesome. We each had our our room, the kitchen is a full kitchen, there’s a back porch, and a short walk to the theater. Having a car there is nice but not necessary. The grocery store is a 60 second walk from the back porch and the main town is a 10 minute walk.

    03/27/2018  11:22pm

    I can’t even count how many cancelled shows there were! So many ! The money is ok as long as you don’t tell the “manager” how much you made in cash tips.

    04/18/2018  7:33pm
  • Work Hard- Have a good summer 03/27/2018  3:29pm

    I really enjoyed my time at the Carousel. Like any summerstock, not everyday was perfect, but I felt prepared in my work and therefor enjoyed being there.

    I was really grateful for the oppurtunity to waitress ( it’s a dinner theater) so I could have serving expierence by the time I got back to New York ( tips rocked as well). The kitchen gets busy and stressful at times, but ending each night with a show made it all worth it.

    Housing was amazing. Had my own room in a huge house on the theater’s grounds.

    It’s an itmate space and the people who come see the shows love the Carousel so each show feels rewarding in its own.

    The contracts length was awesome. I was grateful to be booked June- September and get back to the city for audition season to begin again.

    I would recommend the carousel Music Theater! It’s not glamorous, but it increased my stamina as a performer, polished my people / serving skills, and I made a good amount of money.

  • Up to you to decide    
    01/27/2018  2:22pm

    My time at the Carousel was...interesting. I could go on for days about the positives and negatives but I think I will bullet them and let you decide. If this is your only summer offer, you will probably take the job, and maybe your summer will be better than a lot of ours was. Hopefully. I love Boothbay harbor and hope to go back one day under better circumstances.

    - Boothbay Harbor is STUNNING
    - Grocery store a 30 second walk away
    - Small cast (could be a pro and con)
    - You get 1 meal per show (however it is prepared by the manager who does not care if you are gluten free, do not eat meat, etc... you get what she decides to serve you and that is that)
    - You usually get 1-3 nights off a week, depending on how packed the bookings are.
    - Days off are perfect for seeing beautiful Maine (if you have a car) and bonding with cast members.
    - Weekly salary is good and you get tips on top of that (but they are taxed?)

    - The manager is almost impossible to work with without everyday becoming a living hell.
    - The manager is verbally abusive to her family and you will witness it.
    - The manager is also the chef, costumer, and booker all while having a full time job and many part time jobs. (do not expect what you are used to from a manager)
    - There will be days when you would go to the theater and be screamed at for absolutely nothing related to you. (Many cast members threatened to quit, and suffered anxiety and panic attacks due to this)
    - Boothbay without a car would make me stir crazy.
    - If you are contracted to be an actor/waiter you may be deceived and actually be there to be part of the kitchen staff, bartender, or host with extra hours, less pay, and no training or previous experience.

    All in all, I had a great summer with my friends. The summer tends to be a pretty drunken one. The only way that I would go back there is if the manager was gone and they did book shows (you perform reviews written by Boothbay locals). I made great friendships, strengthened my voice and got to experience Maine. Will I be going back under the current conditions? No way. I know this review may seem crazy and dramatic, but some crazy stuff that actors should never have to see or deal with happened this summer. Hope you are treated better.

    you forgot to mention that a cast member was seriously injured, and completely unrelated the season was closing early because tickets were not selling. When telling patrons why the season was closing early, the manager blamed it on the cast member who was injured.

    01/27/2018  2:36pm

    Honesty and communication are issues. Safety is an issue, both for performers and patrons as expired products are served to customers. The place is not properly staffed in any department of the theatre. Basic business courtesy is non existent, and both verbal agreements and written contracts change at the drop of a hat. The manager screams and yells at her family members who work there—one is a young man with special needs—and at the employees. Completely unacceptable behavior.

    01/27/2018  7:34pm
  • Meh...    
    05/07/2012  4:51pm

    Positives and Negatives... you decide.

    Really long contract. House is right next door, full large kitchen and nice sized rooms (washing machine, yes but no dryer?) [cheap carpet job and cheap furniture in living room but it all gets the job done... neither here nor there]. SMALL CAST 5-7!! The theatre is not successful in bringing in big crowds so you'll have a lot of shows canceled and lots of small crowds especially at beginning and end of the summer meaning less tips. You are expected to promote the theatre (which is awkward) in the center of town for no more pay than what you make.

    Bring a car.

    I made more than enough to live on; tips were pretty good but this is always variable. Good for lots and lots and lots of performing experience-you serve food and do a cabaret as well as performing an hour long show each time. Dinner portion of the evening is really easy and chill. You sing a cabaret during, usually of good songs. Boothbay Harbor is a beautiful place to spend the summer but be prepared for how long this contract actually is (and how far boothbay harbor is from NYC if you want to get back for a few days or have others visit)...

    Biggest issue:

    Probably better if you are living with a great group of people but if not, management does not deal very well with interpersonal cast conflict (there is no stage manager or company manager to bring these issues to as Robb doesn't want to get his hands dirty or something). Big negative if there are deep issues between castmates, Imagine living and working 24/7 for 4 months with people you hate or who hate you... That being said, town is full of good people with big hearts.

    Because of small town and proximity of house to the theatre and a supermarket, it tends to be a pretty drunken summer.

    almost took a job here this past summer...thank god

    08/14/2014  1:03am