Gig&Tell: Arts Center of Costal Carolina

  • Great for AEA 04/04/2012  4:03pm

    Love working here. Have done two shows and hope to do many more. The pay is only so-so, but they treat you great, with nice housing. Plenty to do, shows are solid.

    I really enjoyed working at this theatre. The production value was incredible and I was very proud to be a part of the show I did. The housing is beautiful. The money is not great but it's worth it to be in such a great production!

    01/07/2013  6:58pm

    I just finished working here and loved every second...I'm an equity actress who had a principal role but agreed to also do some featured ensemble not the best but was able to negotiate for a decent wage...housing to die close to the can rent bikes and it is only 5 minutes away. Production was top notch and I was treated like royalty. Creative team and producing team was fantastic. I highly recommend it if it is a show you are dying to do or a role, etc. Fantastic and professional experience. Loved the cast and crew too! ;)

    03/14/2016  7:44pm
  • Great for Non-Eq    
    01/30/2013  5:02am

    I did three shows at this theatre. If you have the talent and they have the contracts, it's also a great place to get your card. The production value is great and the experience is amazing. The pay isn't too wonderful, but it's totally worth the experience and the unbelievable housing!

    The one show I did was great. I thought our director did a great job. It wasn't Casey. I'm not a Casey fan and I'm not an AMDA alum. Glad I did my show, i auditioned into it purely on my own. No connection with anyone. I mention this cuz Casey brings in a lot of his students from AMDA and I've heard he has lived in the condos with the cast to boot. Take that however you will. I've auditioned for ACCC subsequently and found Casey's auditions to be laughably bad, and unprofessional. The pay was abysmal. I was in the chorus and made 187/week when taxes were taken out. And Richard notified our cast that our show brought the theater out of the red and into the black financially, with the fantastic reception and great reviews we got. I was not a fan of Richard either. Not a generous producer at all. I did not vibe well with him. The condos we had were nice and the beach was lovely. We did a day trip to Savannah. If you book a job there, do it. It's not perfect, but there are good perks. Our cast was a lot of fun.

    03/04/2013  12:15am

    I absolutely loved working for this theater. Great people with a great atmosphere. SOLID production quality with killer housing too! Did one show there and hope to go back for more!

    08/10/2013  1:38pm

    I've worked here. Being at the beach is great...and the beach houses they normally put you up in are heavenly. But the working conditions are bad. They theatre lacks artistry. They hire a LOT of AMDA grads. The pay is laughably low (for the wealthy area and high ticket prices) and Richard is in the wrong business as producer.

    09/04/2013  11:26am

    Did anyone ever make atleast $300?? thanks!

    01/24/2014  9:31pm

    subpar production qualities. great housing. tiny paycheck. lots of subpar AMDA kids.

    12/02/2014  2:50pm

    Can anyone speak to what is a ballpark Pay range for non-eq here?

    12/08/2014  11:52pm

    I was non eq in the ensemble and was paid $300/week. Loved working there

    01/30/2015  10:40pm