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Gig&Tell: TriArts Sharon Playhouse

  • Anyone? 04/10/2012  12:27am

    Has anyone worked here before? Please share any info/experiences!

    TriArts.... hooboy. Triarts is located in a tiny town in Connecticut right on the boarder of New York. The production housing is split between a scary, haunted lake house and a tiny dorm on site. The costume shop has no air conditioning, the dressing rooms are concrete and molding, the scene shop is behind the barn theater which also serves as cross over space for shows. It's a rough summer. The techies work hard and play harder so if you do decide to take a job at this god forsaken theater, play at the production dorm

    01/03/2013  12:29am

    I have worked here for two summers. I'm pretty new to the theatre world and am not sure what people expect out of a non-eq summer theater but this place is beautiful. I worked with john simpkins both years and he is an incredible director who is making huge strides in making this theatre a reputable place. Also the woman who runs the theatre, Alice Bemand couldn't be kinder. The community is great, the theater is small but the productions are well done. I'm only reducing it by one star because the pay isn't incredible and the housing can sometimes suck but the people you meet are talented and amazing and if you know how to make your own good time then you can really enjoy it here.

    02/25/2013  1:01am

    Anyone have info from recent summers (2011-2012)? Any improvements in housing? I've heard good things, but the "godawful theatre" comment is worrisome for someone thinking about working there this summer. Any info really appreciated.

    03/11/2013  9:05pm

    After working here this summer, I felt compelled to write my experience - since I found it so different from the first poster's.

    I am happy to say that at least as of Summer 2013 - the experience at TriArts is completely different - for the better. It seems that John Simpkins (Artistic Director and often, show director) has overhauled this place. The rehearsal space is brand new, gorgeous, and the AC is blasting. The dressing rooms are also brand new, spacious, bright, and equipped with sinks, toilets, clothing racks, etc, with separate green room. (I hear they are still not finished with construction in these, as well). And there are now two official performance spaces - Stage 1 and Stage 2 (think the mainstage and the reading stage). Housing has also been completely redone for the techies, and as for the actors - At least in my case, I stayed in a local beautiful home with a private room, bathroom, and laundry.

    Many actors and techs who work here return, and Alice, John, and the staff were all incredibly accommodating, pleasant, and enthusiastic to me and my cast and crew. I had a great time! The town is GORGEOUS - Seriously, gorgeous. And it is only a train ride back to NYC, if you really hate the outdoors and have to get back or get bored. I thought this would be the case for me, and every time I had time off I ended up staying in CT.

    All in all, I would return in a second. It's a great time and I would rate it highly among summerstock theatres.

    08/10/2013  5:37pm

    Does anyone know how to get there from the city without a car???

    01/04/2016  3:10pm

    Any updates on the conditions at this venue? As of last update it seemed to be making huge strides in the right direction...but that was dated's it doing in 2016?

    02/08/2016  1:59pm

    Any updates on this theatre?

    04/07/2017  7:43am