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Gig&Tell: Porthouse Theatre

  • Great Place to Work and earn EMC/Equity    
    04/02/2012  11:26pm

    I loved working here! It's great place to spend your summer. They treat you well and you get to work along side local professionals who are actually extremely talented and experienced. You can earn your card and/or EMC points here. You perform outside, so depending on who you are and how you see it, that could be a positive or a negative. The show quality is great and the local housing is pretty good as well!

    Can you give an idea as to pay for EMCs? Thank you!

    02/13/2013  12:25pm

    How many equity contracts do they have per show?

    02/28/2015  8:43am

    They typically have three to five Equity contracts but it depends on the show, some have more.

    Pay for EMCs ranges from $250 - $300 per week and housing is provided for those out of town.

    04/13/2015  11:32pm