Gig&Tell: NETworks Tours (touring company)

  • Hit or Miss    
    04/26/2012  8:16pm

    Over other touring companies, I've heard that NETworks is actually one of the best. However, I think it can be a little hit or miss depending on who you get as a stage manager and company manager.

    Overall, I had a good experience doing a few of NETworks non union tours, but if you have a bad stage manager or company manager it can be HELL. They have been known to hire some people who aren't very good at their jobs and keep them on despite constant company complaints.

    That said, they pay pretty well, and depending on what tour, you can have a pretty cushy schedule. They do company incentives from time to time which is nice, and often go above and beyond for their employees.

    I would definitely recommend working for NETworks, but if you have a problem with company management or stage management- good luck. Chances are things won't change.

    I did an equity tour with Networks and they were great. Management was very professional and organized. They 100% followed equity rules. I had never toured before and the information packet they provided was very detailed, including things to do in each city. I found them to be very considerate of the actors too.

    11/11/2012  2:21am