Gig&Tell: Phoenix Entertainment (touring company)

  • Great Experience    
    06/25/2014  12:51pm

    I did just finished an 18-MONTH contract with them and had an overall fantastic time. I've worked with several of the other nonEq touring companies and my experience here was definitely the best. I found that everyone that is a permeant fixture in the company (producers, admins, production managers, etc) do everything in their power to make the show run on its highest level and still create a 'family' atmosphere (i.e. not to Corporate-y). If you get a chance to be a part of one of their productions, you won't be disappointed.

    As an afterthought… We were a cast of 20 and over the 18 months we only lost 4 actors. That's pretty good retention considering I once did a 9 month contract with 12 replacements that came out throughout the run...

    06/25/2014  12:54pm

    What was your pay like- if you don't mind me asking? 8}

    08/14/2014  11:28pm