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Gig&Tell: Winwood Theatricals (touring company)

    04/30/2012  2:25pm

    Only work for them if it is your first touring experience or if you are desperate. Crappy hotels. Awful schedule. Interesting venues. Just be aware when you say yes to the contract.

    Thank you for sharing. May I ask, how much was the weekly salary? Any more details you can provide are very welcome. I need to see if I could even survive doing this... Thanks!

    06/15/2012  12:50pm

    First, it's "Windwood", not "Winwood". And second, I agree with the above poster. Really rough schedule with all one nighters. Thank God for a great company manager. Weekly was about $500, but that included your per diem. But that's ok, because pretty much all you eat is McDonald's and food from Wal Mart. I was thankful to have a job, and then thankful that it ended. Met some great people and saw some cool places. And many, many terrible hotels.

    07/03/2012  3:36pm

    I think your experience depends greatly on the show you are doing. I did 2 tours of 'The 39 Steps' with Windwood. We were traveling by night on a sleeper bus (cast of 4, 2 understudies, and 6 technical) and the 6 actors would hang out at a hotel in whatever city we were in for the day. It was a pretty cushy schedule, the hotels were fair, and the food provided by the venues was usually quite good. It would have been a very different experience if we were traveling by day in a crowded coach bus. For my part, I'd be happy to work with Windwood again.

    12/03/2012  12:41am