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Gig&Tell: Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

  • Best Theatre Ever!    
    07/07/2013  3:36pm

    Working at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park was hands down the best theatre experience I have ever had. They paid for travel, put us up in a nice condo-style hotel for the first two weeks and then moved us into actor housing apartments next to the playhouse. My apartment was perfect and I didn't have to share with anyone. The theatre itself was well kept, the crew and front of house staff were super nice and everything was handled with utmost professional care. The pay was pretty great too. I would go back in a heartbeat! The neighborhood that we stayed in was great. Lots of bars/restaurants and the theatre even had a couple of cars you could sign out if you needed to run an errand. Luckily I had my own car, but if you didn't have your own or didn't want to check their car out, they had a van come and get you for grocery store runs! I cannot recommend this theatre enough. The people, facilities, and quality of theatre was absolutely top notch! I want to go back now!

    Anyone ever do the intern program there? If so how was it?

    02/01/2014  9:54am

    I had several friends do the internship at the playhouse and they seemed to enjoy it. They said it was hard work and lots of hours, but rewarding.

    02/27/2014  10:03pm