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Gig&Tell: Artspower (touring company)

  • Great Gig    
    10/05/2017  4:11pm

    Honestly, I don't have anything negative to say about this company. You get paid well, get treated nicely by the entire creative team, you perform all over the country in gorgeous theatres (and some schools here and there) where the staff from those theatres treat you with the utmost respect, and you bring joy to children from coast to coast.

    I really couldn't have asked for much more. Would definitely work here again in the future!

  • Fantastic company!    
    09/21/2016  8:42pm

    Currently working with Arts Power this season and they are an amazing company to work for. The shows are fabulous, we are extremely well taken care of, and the team is encouraging and welcoming. Definitely one of the best companies I've worked for.

  • Great People 09/13/2015  12:57pm

    They take care of you, they are sweet, the shows are fun, card on your birthday. I would work with them if given the chance.

  • Housing with ArtsPower 02/07/2014  11:01am

    Does anyone know what the housing is with ArtsPower Touring shows?
    Is it private, group, nice hotel?
    How much time off do you get? Weekends, since it is mostly school shows?

    The company manager is excellent about only booking hotels they have used before and know are clean. I never had an issue with any hotels on my tour. It's always two rooms between 5 people and up to the cast/SM how you want to split it up. We did a rotation so it was very fair.

    As far as having weekends off, the schedule is different for every contract. Often weekends can be travel days, or there are weekend performances open to the public in theaters. I wouldn't count on having your weekends free though. It's just not typically how it works out.

    03/21/2014  8:38pm

    Worked for Artspower in 2007. I LOVED this company. If it's still the same people, they are a quality group with a great product and very attentive to their actors.

    10/21/2014  10:06pm
  • Great people!    
    05/09/2012  8:49pm

    I'd start by saying that touring with ANY Children's Theater company, is not a job for everyone.
    If you're going to go out with a company however, I highly recommend Artspower.

    They are non-union now, but since they were formerly AEA, they've kept essentially the same exact contract in place, just dropping the union affiliation.

    They pay well, and take care of their actors. They arrange fun competitions between the touring casts that are out, and really try to create a family among the people that they employ.

    You work for your money, load-in and load out your sets-usually two shows a day and a lot of travelling for long hours in between..but you also get a lot of down time and the chance to see a lot of amazing places.

    ALSO- you get to perform everywhere from cafetoriums in elementary schools, to packed 2,000 seat houses where the next show in after you is the AEA Les Miz tour. You will grow as an actor.

    The downside to doing an Artspower tour, has nothing to do with the company and more to do with the job itself. You spend 2-5 months living, sleeping, breathing alongside 4 other people. If you're not a team player, open-minded and able to get along with others then this is not an ideal contract for you

    If you're not a glamorous diva, then Artspower gives you the opportunity to travel the country doing what you love and performing for/inspiring kids. :)

    I couldn't agree more with the post above. I truly believe that if you are going to do children's theatre, then ArtsPower is the company to do it with. They give you overtime and rest invasion and birthday cards. The producers and company manager are incredibly lovely and thoughtful people.

    06/05/2012  8:18am

    I also completely agree with the above. ArtsPower is a fantastic company that really cares about their actors. In addition, their shows are really good children's theater too- well written, and they will encourage you to take the material seriously as an artist. Living on the road in close quarters can be tough, but I enjoyed this work so much I did two straight tours.

    08/15/2012  11:59am

    Totally agree with the well-written posts above. ArtsPower is a FANTASTIC company to work for.
    Their organization is flawless--contract signing, schedules/information, and all communication is so well done. Their company manager is the best of the best and all of the producers are genuinely nice, kind men who enjoy making great quality children's theater and know how to do it well.

    The contract is great because the company used to be equity before 2009; after going non-eq since then they have kept essentially the same contract and operate on many of those rules. It's really nice to have parameters on long van ride days.

    I'd say your enjoyment though is highly based on the 4 other people placed on your tour, who you'll be with solely for months. As with any show/cast, this is the luck of the draw, unfortunately.

    I love everything about ArtsPower!

    08/02/2013  6:21pm

    ArtsPower is probably the low point of my career thus far. But it was an early job. Doing children's theatre in cafetoriums and school gyms is not my idea of being a professional actor. The shows were well written at least for childrens theatre

    09/08/2013  11:36pm

    As long as you are not above performing parts of your tour in cafetoriums in elementary schools, this is a pretty great gig. But many times, those are the most rewarding performances. Many locations opt to do a short Q&A after the show and it's very rewarding to hear from the kids after the shows. If you enjoy children's theater, this is a great contract for you. The shows are EXTREMELY well written and the staff is amazing.

    10/03/2013  7:49pm