Gig&Tell: Maximum Entertainment (touring company)

  • Never! 04/13/2012  2:09pm

    Maximum Entertainment needs to learn a thing or two about how to treat their actors. Our cast was lied to about our schedule (dates were constantly being canceled, and they deduct pay when this happens), we were put in unsafe travel conditions, our management team was unprofessional, and they tried to withhold our tour completion bonus from us, not caving in until we threatened legal action. They do anything to cut costs and cut corners! Their tours do not even come close to the quality or professionalism of any other Non-Union producers (NETworks, Troika, Phoenix). No actors should have to be treated this way.

    DO NOT work for this company! My original rider had a set start and end date for the number of weeks and performances and then weeks before we were supposed to head out, we were given a contract with a schedule that was one third of the original dates. Not even a phone call to tell us the itinerary had changed. The communication with the company is terrible. Phone calls were made to people in charge and they were rarely returned. They screwed actors out of a few weeks of performances as well and did not tell them they were out of a job until 2 weeks before performances were to begin at the venue. Not even a phone call was given...a cop out email was all. Save yourself the grief and don't accept a project they are attached to.

    04/16/2012  1:31am

    -unsafe working conditions
    -bus drivers exceeding the FEDERAL limits for hours/miles driven per day
    -booked into venues that weren't even theaters (town halls, gymnasiums, movie theaters...)
    -No crew (our local "crew" members included juvenile delinquents, temps from a temp agency, folks who'd never seen a show before) and our three legit tech crew members (who collectively did 7 jobs) were run ragged.
    -Also was outright lied to about terms of my contract, our schedule, the terms of our technical rider. Was constantly required to do work that was not in my contract (and not my job). Our only three actual tech staff members were run ragged, rarely getting a full night's sleep and collectively doing the work of six or seven people.
    -We got "half salary" any week with fewer than 3 performances. When we signed our contracts, there were 2 of those weeks on the schedule. I expressly asked at contract signing if the schedule was final, and they told me it was, but the minute we left town, performances were "dropped" and 2 became 7.

    This experience was only salvaged by the lovely group of people out on the road, the incredible creative team, and a show that I truly love. But it took me a solid year to really recover from the experience, and I still can't even think about it without getting upset.

    05/09/2012  12:24am