Gig&Tell: Tent Theatre

  • Lovely Summer Stock Gig    
    08/01/2018  3:45pm

    I spent 4 weeks there on an URTA contract a few years ago. From the moment I was met by the stage manager at the airport I was treated like royalty. I was one of three NY Equity members in the show & we were each given a nice one bedroom student apartment (with private bathroom, kitchen & living room) on the campus of MSU-Springfield, which is also where the rehearsal space & theater (tent!) is. We were also offered free meals three times a day at the campus cafeteria, and access to the quite lovely gym (with pool & rock-climbing wall), all of which are on campus, just a few minutes walk away from the housing. Whenever we wanted to buy our own groceries or needed to go to a drugstore, we just arranged for a production assistant to drive us there. There are also a couple zipcars on campus if you want to go farther afield on your days off. (One day I took a zipcar to the Laura Ingalls Wilder home & museum in Mansfield, MO. It was a treat.)
    The theater itself is a big tent, sheltered from the weather overhead but open on the sides. Occasionally shows do get cancelled or delayed if the weather is severe. (It is in the land of tornados!) Sometimes a firefly will float around backstage. It's kind of magical.
    I had a blast & highly recommend working with this theater company.