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Gig&Tell: Jackson Hole Playhouse

  • Beautiful Area, Meh Theatre    
    02/17/2018  11:14am

    Jackson is to date the most stunning place I've been to in my life. After working here, I try to visit once a year cause the nature and location touched my soul on a deep level.

    Now, actually working at the playhouse was a bit different. The director has no real training, so you get line readings for everything, which is annoying. The shows are very slapstick with little artistry in them, and the backstage life can be very unprofessional. But still, if you are younger, or have a summer to kill, its very fun either way. I am just at a point in my career where I am not into a fun party contract. Especially since the pay is quite low, I think I negotiated up to $325 a week.

    Speaking of pay, I literally had to track down my last 2 paychecks up to a year after. And this happened to SO many people. I LOVE the director as a person, but she sometimes falls behind on the business side, and it can be aggravating.

    You also get to (have to) work at the restaurant connected to the theatre. Its fun though, cause you get to sing, and the menu is small so there isn't a lot you have to do, plus you can make some good tips. You can also work some other jobs if you want to make more money.

    Housing sucks, you get cramped into one big house for your gender, but if you're younger and don't care, then it can work for you. And some get lucky and get a different house with fewer people.

    Honestly though, if I could get paid a decent salary I would work there again in a heartbeat JUST to live in Jackson, the place is that magical guys.

    I really hope this gets taken over eventually by a good business mind and artistic director, cause it could be the theatre gem of the west. until then, just be wary and KEEP TRACK of your money if you do work there.

    If you have several professional credits, skip it and just visit the town on vacation, not worth the stress.

  • Do not work here. 12/27/2016  5:48pm


    This theatre doesn't follow any sort of professional actor schedule. Not even slightly. You rehearse 10-12 hours a day for two and a half weeks, you work two lunch shifts, three dinner shifts, three shoot outs and 6 shows per week and even if you are wildly sick, expected to go on. There are no understudies and you are not taken care of in the slightest. You are seen as a money maker and not as an actor, or even as a human. It is not a place where art is made and it is not a place where you are respected. This theatre, and Wyoming, do not respect or support gays and will turn a blind eye to any sexual orientation discrimination. Which has happened multiple times in the past to multiple actors.

    Truthfully. Do not even audition. I couldn't say it enough. Spend your summer somewhere else, more loving, and with a company that cares for their actors.

    I am so sorry you had that experience, and I am not taking that away from you a all.

    But I will say, I am gay and worked here one summer, and had the time of my life. The theatre is shit, no doubt about that. But I worked with many mormons and religious people who I know may have been uncomfortable with my sexuality, but it never presented a problem, and I felt loved by every one there, even the director and main dining guy (who clearly was not the best with gay people.... but I was never discriminated against due to my sexuality) . I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I will have to say for other gay people, give it a shot. but also, read my review that's on here.

    02/17/2018  11:03am