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Gig&Tell: Chamber Theatre Productions

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    07/12/2012  11:44am

    Maybe I was spoiled on my first national tour, but this company is a handful.

    Just be prepared for a SHIT ton of work, long hours, and little sleep. They take care of your hotels, but there's no per diem. So, that $500/wk goes pretty quickly when you're buying meals everyday. And, they pay you bi-weekly. That's right, so you only wind up clearing 800 every TWO weeks.

    The associate director we had was amazing! She had gone out on tour with this company like 4 or 5 times, so she knew what we were going through. The entire company fears the artistic director and producer, and you can feel that every time they enter the room.

    Rehearsal pretty much feels like an understudy rehearsal process. "Go here, turn, lift up hand, now speak." You must know that going into this rehearsal process, or you'll actually pull your hair out.

    Once you're out on the road, the manual labor is definitely taxing, but you do develop muscles you never knew you had.

    Overall, it's the people that you're working with that make or break your experience. The company is not the best, but if you have great people with you, then it makes it that much better.

    Does anyone else have any reviews of this company? Different experiences?

    06/21/2013  5:27pm

    I confirm most of what was said above.

    If you are young, new to the business, have never done children's theatre give it a shot. The material is fun to perform and the venues are for the most part amazing. The company is sensible and mostly fair, if a little unpredictable in terms of last minute information and schedule switches.

    However, know that only 20% of your time is spent acting. The rest is heavy lifting, driving (sometimes a 26 foot truck), unpacking, repacking, checking out venues the night before the show and getting up at 6:45AM to do it all again.

    And $500 a week goes fast with taxes, food, and other expenses. Company members generally stay in their hotel rooms rather than spend a dime to see the sights of the places we stopped. You may save a couple hundred dollars but you miss out on great experiences.

    02/10/2014  10:11am

    Be very cautious if you accept this gig.

    I booked it and they don't provide housing for the rehearsal process, nor transportation or per diems at all. 80% of the TYA companies out there usually provide one or the other or both.

    To pay out of pocket for so many things at the beginning of the contract sparked a red flag for me. They couldn't even tell me why they don't offer housing, mostly it's not their policy...

    So for you young actors seeking that first paycheck, beware of these kind of companies that you have to spend money to make little in return.

    Also you'd be paying for your meals on tour. Any tour I've ever done they provide some kind of per diem. You are an ambassador for the company and the can your meals not be paid for? Most per diems are $22-30 a day. That's how much we typically would spend for meals a day. Add that up and watch your salary slowly diminish week by week, especially after taxes are taken out.

    Be wary. Be very wary....

    08/09/2016  9:33am