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Gig&Tell: Crown Uptown Dinner Theatre

  • LOVE IT!    
    07/18/2013  8:24pm

    I cannot say enough good things about the Crown Uptown. I worked on "Annie Get Your Gun" last spring and it was a great experience!

    Matthew Rumsey, the director/artistic director, knows exactly what he's doing! He's very constructive and knows how to put on a great show. One of the best directors I've had the chance to work with!

    Like the person before me said: its a cushy job! Only 4 shows a week with 3 days off. Its competitive pay, they put you up in housing and its a good time! The cast all gets along really well- the musical director and musicians are on point and the choreography was challenging in a good way. The set was awesome with lots of tricks and a turntable!

    If you ever get the get the chance to work at the Crown- don't hesitate!!!

    The company has changed management and is no longer producing reliable work; many company members had their multi-show contracts cancelled in 2014. The better conditions mentioned above (along with the housing) are no longer there.

    01/01/2016  5:38am
    12/03/2012  4:11pm

    Really great company. This is nor dinner theatre the way you think of it. It's actually very nice, with a beautiful theatre.
    Literally the cushiest job I've ever had. Without negotiating they offer good pay, nice housing, a gym membership, car to use, dinner with every show, and dollar beer and wine after the show. In addition we only did 3-4 shows a week. They really treat their actors with so much respect.
    Jesse, the music director was one of the nicest, specific musical directors I've worked with, even concentrating on timbre of notes and having a reason, acting-wise, for anything you did vocally.
    Matthew, the artistic director always looks out for his actors and is a great guy.
    The only negative things I have to say is they could take a few more days to put up a show so the actors could get a little more specific attention, and they need to, and will hopefully do some renovation on the actual stage. New fly system, new floor, more dressing room space, and more wingspace for set storage are all things that I hope in time and when the economy picks up will be fixed.

    Thank you for this, I have an audition with them on Feb 11th and now I'm more excited. :)

    01/21/2013  6:06pm

    Does anyone know whether they give EMC points?

    02/28/2013  10:46pm