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Gig&Tell: Princeton Festival

  • lovely 2 months    
    07/12/2012  1:45pm

    this is a small summer festival setting at princeton university...opera, dance, music, and a musical every summer. Pay largely depends on the role you're offered, but I found that mostly everyone was doing alright with what they got. It was a short 3 week rehearsal process followed 3 weekends of shows making it an easy gig to commute to the city during performance weeks for auditions. Princeton is a beautiful place to spend two months. housing is with host homes and it seemed to be hit or miss location wise(some were far from princeton proper but some were within walking/biking distance). The hosts are so gracious, welcoming, and supportive of the artists they are housing. There was a great company driver and i never felt "stranded" even though we were deep in suburbia. production value was high--somewhere in between a college production and high quality regional theatre production. artistic staff is excellent and the artistic director richard is so lovely to work with-giving thoughtful support throughout the performance/rehearsal period. It is a festival still in the early stages of development, so we did have a few local hires that decided when they wanted to work on the professional level- but everyone has to get into a professional rehearsal room and learn sometime so it wasn't a big deal. Overall, I had a blast doing this gig and would go back in a heartbeat-

    I agree with every single thing that was stated here. One of the best summer contracts I have ever had. I was lucky enough to have housing very near the center of town. I hardly ever used the driver that they offered us because everything was within a 10 minute walk. The theatre and rehearsals are located right near Princeton University so there is no shortage of things to do and places to go on days off. I would work there every summer for the rest of my life if I could. No joke.

    03/17/2016  1:17pm