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Gig&Tell: Show Palace Dinner Theatre

    08/31/2018  5:29pm

    Did a contract there about two years ago and was about the worst experience I've had in theater. The creative staff was not as experienced as their cast, but instead of acknowledging the talent in front of them, they tried to micromanage and belittle their cast, and then expected perfect performances from us. The inconsistency of the instructions given, the unprofessional-ism of the Artistic Director who was serving as the Stage Manager for the production, was inexcusable. We were screamed at for making generic mistakes that didn't even hinder the show flow loudly in our dressing space, which shared a door to the dining area- an area that we were constantly warned to be very quiet in as the guests could hear us talking at regular levels.

    I was scheduled to work with them on a handful of other productions for their season, and swiftly backed out upon the conclusion of my first contract. The only good quality was the cast I was working with. They were a handful of very talented guys, many who had worked with the company before, but stated this was definitely a straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back production. Housing was in flux, did not provide transportation, wages were low, cleanliness was low. Show production level was low. Definitely not a place to share talent with- they wouldn't be able to discern talent from generic overacting even with help.

  • Stay Away    
    06/19/2015  5:52pm

    Horrible experience all around. Started with the stage manager emailing everyone two days before we were to leave asking us not to arrive until the morning of the first rehearsal because they didn't have enough places for people to sleep with the changeover between shows. Got into company housing where too many people were crammed into one house. Nine people sharing one bathroom. Two "rooms" were the living room and dining room that they converted into bedrooms but didn't have walls up to the ceiling so you essentially slept in a partitioned off space with no ceiling. Director/choreographer was the nastiest person one could imagine constantly putting us down and comparing us to barnyard animals when we performed. Cheap looking sets and costumes. Horrible obligatory dinner theatre receiving line at the end of every performance. Had to fight for three months after the contract was over for final paycheck and travel reimbursement. Stay far away.

    Non eq theater ewwww

    08/07/2018  10:42pm
  • DONT DO IT    
    05/15/2018  10:00pm

    Did a contract 2 years ago. The housing was small, with tons of people sharing the same bathroom, bedrooms without ceilings so you can hear everything. The theatre is adjacent to a strip club and a trailer park, literally. The pay is standard. The actors have to elect another actor to do the laundry from the show, back at the cast house.

    Here comes the story. I was offered another show with them. I said yes because it was a dream role of mine. Then we waiting for the contract, and didn't receive it. we emailed and called multiple times to see what was taking so long. We found that the owner's daughter, Jen, forgot to send the contract, then recast my role because they didn't get the contract back from us WHICH THEY NEVER SENT, even though we emailed and called many times. So i lost my job and had already turned down other contracts for this one. So basically out of 6 years in the business, this is by far my worst experience and I will steer everyone I know away from this horrible theatre.

  • Great Experience... Just make your own fun :)    
    08/12/2015  4:43pm

    The Show Palace does quite a few things right:

    -Stage management and backstage crew are AWESOME. Super professional and competent. Anticipate needs and solve problems instantly.
    -Paychecks are always on time or early. Yes!
    -They make you feel very welcome in the community and at the theatre. Treated like one of the family for sure.
    -The show schedule is EASY! Depending on the production, you may only do three shows a week! But you are still paid for the full week regardless. Awesome!

    There are very few things that could be improved:
    -The cast housing, as others have mentioned, needs some love. The ask the cast before you to clean, but there are major repairs that need to be done by professionals.
    -The cast car needs to be taken to a mechanic yesterday. But there's no urgency to do so.
    -Once the shows are open, there's a bit of laziness that sets in from the crew. Sound levels are bizarre, they sometimes forget to call places, the show sometimes starts 5-10 minutes early.
    -There's just not that much to do in Hudson, FL. You are within an hour of some great beaches and within two hours of Disney World, but on a day-to-day basis... you need to make your own fun.

    So, if offered a contract down here, don't hesitate to take it. Just do some research, have several adventures planned, and bring a good books or two. Enjoy your time!

  • Great direction, Good Shows    
    06/24/2015  5:55am

    I definitely enjoyed my experience at The Show Palace Dinner Theatre. The resident director/stage manager/sort of company manager Jill Godfrey is incredible, does Original Broadway choreo to all her shows and is a fabulous person to work with. On the negative, the housing is a residential house, where some of the rooms don't have a ceiling so at night you literally hear anything and everything, but it's better than a lot of other theatre housing I've had. They do provide a company car but it is definitely not in the best shape. The theatre is about a 10 minute drive from housing and has a convenient Dunkin Donuts pretty much next to the Theatre. Sometimes the company themselves can be a little unprofessional, ie. photocall at 930pm after a full day of rehearsal with no notice, but the pay is definitely good. About $325, but you can negotiate up depending on your role. The local actors are fantastic, and a lot of fun to hang out with. The area isn't very ideal, strip clubs and trailer parks, but you can always find stuff to do; the beach, the local famous Mermaid Show, etc. Overall I would recommend anyone to work here and I would definitely come back. Don't listen to the "Stay Away" post. It's a great place to work, and they're pretty good about hiring people back, as long as you don't piss them off ;)

    Also we got all of our checks on time, sometimes early, and we got our final check before we left.

    06/24/2015  5:56am
  • Great theatre!    
    10/06/2013  6:20pm

    They treat their actors great.
    Good money, great housing, and fantastic show quality.
    The management is a little socially incompetent, but I loved my experience there none the less!

    I think that the previous post is SPOT. ON. Great place to work for. Kind people. Not stingy. You never have to force anything out of them and they adhere to the contract really well. Owners can be a little loopy but not in a crazy way and usually doesn't really effect anything. They are very kind people, they're just new to the theater world. Only real downside for me was the theater facilities are pretty meh and surrounded by trailer parks.

    05/08/2014  11:38pm