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Gig&Tell: Commonweal Theatre Company

  • Great Artistic Work    
    01/07/2015  10:30am

    Commonweal is a diamond in the rough of non-equity work. The resident company is really invested in the theatre and community, and they are really well supported by their season ticket holders, opening opportunities for really rewarding artistic work. There are optional company classes that take place weekly, and are usually taught by the Resident members who have MFAs, so you're getting a chance to really grow while working on contract. Lanesboro is a great little town too - 2 hours from the twin cities, and a bike trail cuts through town along a river, so it's great if you like to bike or run. While the pay is a little low, housing is good, and the town is super-walkable, so you only need a car for trips to the grocery store and such (and the company members are always willing to transport if needed). It's also a light performance schedule - usually only 5-6 shows/week, and rarely a double. Great gig if you have a chance and want a good artistic experience!