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Gig&Tell: Broward Stage Door Dinner Theatre

  • Decent Contract    
    04/18/2017  11:11pm

    Finished a show there three months ago and all in all it was a good experience. I really enjoyed my cast and got to work with a Tony Nominated Director which made the contract so worthwhile. They didn't have the budget for great sets or costumes so they spent most of what they had on the talent onstage and it showed.

    The housing was mediocre and the theatre is okay but ultimately your experience there will be what you make it. I threw myself into the show, went to the beach and planet fitness nearby and had a good time.

    I agree with decent.

    Always paid on time
    Light schedule at only 5 shows xweek
    Nice people especially Nancy Clay
    20-30 minute drive to beach and Boca
    Lots of other theatre in the area to see and network
    Sunny Florida
    Plenty of bars and restaurants in the area
    No strike duties
    Company van
    Housing issues fixed quickly
    Theatre close to housing

    Blah housing it's dirty and dark
    From airport to housing and back is on your own, figure it out, good luck
    If there are issues professionally or personally they tend to not deal with it, they avoid awkward conversations at all costs. We had some drastic cast issues that they let slide until they blew up.
    Meh audiences
    Terrible dressing rooms
    The worst costumes and wigs
    There are 2 spaces and you can hear the other show during yours
    They used a lot of local talent, whom were very talented, but it didn't lead to the best cast bonding.
    Sound and lighting were archaic

    Anyway, it's decent. I wouldn't go back for just anything, but if it were a dream role or one that I need to be familiar with I'd consider heading back to the sun!

    08/29/2017  11:52am

    what is the pay range like?

    05/30/2018  5:39pm
  • BSDT is not a Dinner Theatre 02/23/2013  3:43pm

    Hit and miss. Can be good, can be bad. The backstage area is bad. 1 bathroom for 15-40 people, depending on size of cast and crew. The shows I did were fun to do. The shows depend on the talent they bring in, because direction can be lacking. No opening night party ever. Too bad, I always look forward to good party opening night. The theater is an old converted movie house. The lobby needs to be renovated.

    They provide cars, but they have ant farms living inside of them. If you leave any cup or any food item in the cars = covered with ants when you return. They dont pay for gas.

    02/23/2013  3:52pm

    I have worked for the Stage Door twice and would highly recommend them. The people there are wonderful. If you have the opportunity to work with Dave Campbell do it! Most stress-free rehearsal process I've ever experienced.
    The show quality is decent (although the tech is sometimes lacking - basically just the SM and ASM running everything) and the audiences (mostly retired New Yorkers) really enjoy the shows. The mainstage shows use tracks but i think the smaller shows usually have a band.
    The housing is nice. Depending on the size of the cast you may share a room but it's very manageable. The only downside is the terrible internet, which is basically useless unless very few people are home. As for the ants mentioned, it's South Florida, there are going to be bugs. But as long as you keep things clean you won't have a problem with them.
    It's a 20-30 minute drive to the beach, which is really amazing, especially if you're escaping the cold of New York. And you get 2 days off a week to enjoy it. Great experience.

    03/23/2013  10:15am

    Do they offer EMC points?

    02/26/2015  12:32am

    I believe they're Non-Equity

    03/19/2015  12:33am

    I did a show there with a pretty big cast.

    The director was amazing but the stage wasn't great it had cracks and was uneven ... tough especially for a dance heavy show. There is 1 bathroom for the 2 casts as the have the large 350 seat theatre and a small 150 seat theatre which all share a backstage area which is tiny.

    The best part of my time was the incredibly helpful stage manager she was always on our side and without her some of our problems would have gotten dealt with.

    The cars they provided both broke down and one was written off.

    The housing was ok but the wifi was awful and the beds were so uncomfortable.

    I would say it is a great experience to work in the sun and as a first job its defiantly better paid than some regional houses.

    Overall it was a good show to work on but i wouldn't go back there unless it was for a major show of my dreams.

    05/22/2015  5:14pm

    Is there a gym located nearby?

    01/16/2017  10:26am