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Gig&Tell: Actors Playhouse

  • Amazing!    
    05/11/2013  4:00pm

    Actors Playhouse is an awesome place to work! The location is perfect, just 5 miles from the beach. The housing is great, the productions are top-notch, but the best thing are the amazing people who work there and that you have the privelage of working alongside.

    This is an awesome place to work at. I have done 3 shows here and always have a blast. David Arisco (the artistic director) is such a nice guy and the rest of the staff is very friendly. Plus, it's in Miami! Sunshine and beaches on your days off. It's like a paid vacation. Do what you love, get paid for it and have a blast on your days off. Take the gig, trust me! :)

    09/14/2013  6:28pm

    Actors' Playhouse is a great place to work! Dave Arisco is a kind and patient guy who really cares about his actors! The community of local actors is extremely welcoming and the location is great. I recommend it!

    07/01/2014  12:27am

    What are you looking for ?

    01/16/2017  6:35am