Gig&Tell: Shakespeare in the Valley

  • Stay Away! 03/04/2013  8:33am

    This company is terrible. Do not work for them. The woman in charge is completely controlling of every single aspect of the company and the actor's lives. She is the Director, Artistic Director, Producer, Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, and casts herself as the leads in all the shows. This is not a real theater. We had a curfew, were not allowed to drink alcohol (even though we were legally of age), and we not allowed to have members of the opposite sex in our bedrooms. For the half of the company that was being paid, she witheld their checks and refused to pay them until the end of the season so they wouldn't quit. We tried to post about this company on (remember that old gem?) warning about her. She contacted them and threatened to sue them for slander if they did not remove the negative posts. Then she threatened to sue us as well. Do not work for this company. Not even if you have nothing on your resume and would like some professional experience. Those are exactly the type of actors they prey on. It is better to go a summer without acting work, than to sign a contract with these people. Just stay away.

    I concur with the above poster, this place is a mess. One of the worst experiences in my non-eq career.

    07/26/2013  9:36am

    The only positive thing about working here is you will leave with stories - many of the stories I have experienced and heard from people that worked here are unbelievably absurd. But just don't get yourself involved with this company if you have a choice.

    02/13/2014  9:30am

    I have never met a person in a theatre setting more detrimental to putting on good shows. She tried to direct us to act in her "style," which as changeable as the weather in that valley. She'd spend huge chunks of rehearsal time making us do it one way, then the next day she'd degrade us for not doing it the way she wanted, which of course had changed to something completely different. This is just one of many reasons why she is by far the worst person I have ever worked for.

    08/08/2014  2:25am

    Website down. Beautiful karma

    06/14/2018  10:02am