Gig&Tell: Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre

  • Great Place to Work and Live    
    08/23/2012  2:28am

    This Theatre is Amazing! They employ a huge number of people for 3-4 months each summer. Let me say this first- They are a theatre company that is actually making money: that is something great to see. And living/working with them has been one of the best jobs I've had so far.

    The season reps 4 shows (2 operas and 2 Musicals) for over a month.) The theatre is a beautiful and big space that the company doesn't own, but is the only tennant during the summer. Rehearsals are held in their office buildings a block behind the theatre in one of three different rehearsal halls.

    They have a costume and technical shop on premisis as well- and of good size too, especially for summer stock.

    Pay for technical interns is low (100/wk) but everything is cheap in Utah, so you can totally get by. Pay only goes up from there, and they love to hire interns for larger roles in the future. They also cover your travel there and back (driving or flight) and housing, which when you look at it is really great compensation.

    Days are long, especially leading up to tech, but once you open, there is a lot of free time, and you have the opportunity to travel a lot (And Vegas is only 8 hours away!)

    Communication is great in this company as well- if you ever had a problem, there was a clear chain of command to talk to and get it resolved- whether it was a problem with your housing or a work relationship, they really are willing to work with you and solve the problem.

    The ONLY downside to this company is really that most everything in town shuts down on Sundays and that is your day off during the season. This is due to the large LDS population. I wouldn't let this deter you from a great summer though.

    Overall, this was a great job, and I would go back year after year!