Gig&Tell: Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

  • A wonderful experience 12/02/2013  1:02pm

    I worked once glorious show at PA Shakespeare but with all the activity that goes on there I felt like I was in many. The pre-shows are fun and funny on the outdoor stage and the theatre on the campus is first rate. Many of our cast went on to Broadway shows I would recommend the theater for anyone who wants a relaxing and wonderful experience. Hope to go back there soon.

    had a great experience working here. People are very respectful and it really has a professional but family like feel.

    Everyone is super nice as well and production quality is great.

    10/20/2014  11:46am

    Has anyone done their educational touring program? Or know someone who has? Curious about people's experience with this particular program!

    08/04/2015  7:41pm

    Looking for info again about the educational tour experience. Has anybody done it and willing to share how it went?

    08/02/2016  3:09pm