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Gig&Tell: Ivoryton Playhouse

  • Lovely People    
    09/09/2012  9:44am

    This theater is run by lovely, caring, and generally organized people--and they're great about hiring actors back down the line. Housing is varied, but generally okay. Non-equity pay is usually $200/wk or less so if you can swallow that it's usually worth the 5- or 6-week financial hit. It's also a generous theater with regard to giving people their equity cards. One star off for the pay, but I would encourage anyone to work for the people of this giving, truly caring theater.

    I agree that this theater is run by lovely, generous people but I have to disagree about the organization. There were several times when people were called to rehearsal and not used for hours or at all. There are no detailed rehearsal schedules which was quite frustrating and the rehearsal process is very short. Other than that, it is a pleasant place to work at.

    09/29/2012  12:23pm

    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about The Ivoryton Playhouse. It is run by wonderful, caring, lovely people who LOVE theater and do what is best for the quality of shows. I had no issues that the poster above stated-rehearsal schedule was given ahead of time, if things were tweaked we were made aware, and never kept when not needed. The housing was good, not the Ritz but much better than a lot of bigger "name" regional houses I have worked for.

    The ONLY downside (for me) was the pay. They are a small theater (SPT contract) so it is to be expected. I would LOVE to work for them again.

    09/30/2012  11:05am

    I'm doing Dreamgirls there this July-Sept. SO EXCITED :)

    05/25/2013  3:10am

    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about working here! Jacqui, the artistic director, is fantastic. She is kind, thoughtful, and very caring to all of the actors. My housing situation was awesome. The town is gorgeous. If you have a car, I would recommend bringing it with you! This theatre puts themselves at very high standards for professionalism.

    07/16/2014  10:49am

    Yes, they are lovely people. But in the show I did everything that could go wrong did. The stage manager didn't bother with rehearsal props because they thought, "we didn't need them" in a VERY prop heavy play. The breed of crazy from cast and director was fanning itself. Our rehearsals were more of a therapy session than getting work done. I can say with confidence I don't want to work here again.

    12/02/2014  2:46pm

    After reading theses reviews, I'm beginning to think your experiences is based on the production. I'm currently in Memphis the musical here and it's been a dream. The only thing I could complain about it sharing one company car for an entire cast, lack of normal places (commercial) to eat and a dirty shower curtain. The patrons are sweet, Jacqui and Beverly are so great at what they do and our director is ridiculously good. I would do it again in a heart beat!

    08/21/2015  5:05am

    I would not return to this theatre.

    There is a Company Manager there but in title only. In my 2 months there, I never met her and, sadly, there are PLENTY of issues with no one to talk to about them, whether it’s bugs in the housing (2 of our cast members had bugs. They did something about 1 of the apartments, nothing about the other) or no spoons in the cast house.

    The MD did not teach the music just relied on the cast to listen to the cast recording and figure it out and then didn’t note anything. One of our ladies finally got a note that she’d been singing the wrong notes but during the 3rd week of the run! On top of that, while our original band was great, the subs were often and horrible and the MD never told the cast when to expect to hear VERY different things coming from the pit. We never knew what show we were going to get and they delighted in throwing money into the center or the band room when they made a mistake. Not at all professional.

    One member of the wardrobe staff that ran the show had never learned to sew. The Costume Designer KNEW this. I noticed that some of the guys’ white shirts came out pink or grey, depending on the day and who did laundry. That never changed during the run.

    Also, do not work here unless you have a car (there is 1 company car and it is probably 3 years past death). Also, be ready to acccept not the best living situation. Aside from the bugs, some of our ensemble lived in the cast house: 5 guys, 1 bathroom. (There are actually 6 bedrooms but 1 has a private bathroom. One of our leads lived there but we felt so bad for him as he was trying to stay in vocal shape for the show and had to deal with living with the ensemble boys who had a lot of “extra-curricular” habits.)

    There is a definite disconnect between the staff and the cast. We felt zero support or appreciation even though our show was oversold and probably made the theatre more money than they’ve made in years. Also, there was no Favored Nations clause to the contract and the salaries were all over the map.

    Lastly, I was just chatting with one of the guys in the cast and he told me that, while he filled out an accident report during the run, someone from the Playhouse called him a week after the run had ended to see if he really wanted to file the accident report.

    Stay away.

    10/15/2016  11:37am

    Has the nonunion pay scale changed since this 2012 post?

    01/27/2017  4:25pm