Gig&Tell: Grand Majestic Theater

  • Little Dougy Like to play peek-a-boo 07/13/2018  7:38pm

    he frequently popped in the girls' dressing room without invitation. many will confirm this

  • Give them a chance and you won't want to leave.    
    07/02/2018  4:31pm

    Every single negative comment on here could not be further from the truth. Usually, when one posts something obnoxious and is unhappy, they're insecure. Having known several quality performers at this theater, I can tell you you'll not wanna work anywhere else. It is simple really:




    BE KIND TO EVERYONE, including the GM and wait/kitchen staff

    And you will have a fun time.

    Ever consider it is YOU who are the problem and not them?

    All 70 plus negative comments? lol

    07/11/2018  8:27am
  • Regrets Galore 04/06/2018  8:55pm

    What can i say? Hate it here!!! Trapped. terrible show, terrible direction, no one in charge knows what they are doing.

    at least when they cancel shows (and they will) you wont have to be there, lol...

    04/13/2018  10:39pm

    Maybe you should try being in charge and see how you do. I have seen this show several times and will always go back when time allows.

    07/02/2018  4:33pm

    glad you like the show..believe me you would not want to work here

    07/11/2018  8:25am
  • Nothing changes 05/02/2018  11:00pm

    As of May 2018 shows are still canceled consistently. Show is embarrassing. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Run from this place. I turned down a job for this one. Shoulda listened to others. But I’m hard headed and have to learn on my own.

    Maybe if you had more professional experience you would see things more positively.

    07/03/2018  9:51am

    Maybe so. You do have a habit of hiring people with little to no professional experience. Thats the only people you can get. Everyone else knows its a terrible place to work. I know if anyone working there had an option to leave or got any other offer they would take it.

    07/11/2018  8:24am
  • Such a bold and vague post. What exactly makes them liars?

    07/02/2018  4:23pm
  • Unprofessional. I can’t recommend. 06/29/2018  10:32am

    I’ve been a full-time professional entertainer for over 20 years. When one enters this field as a livelihood one should expect bountiful times as well as lean times. There will be filler jobs along the way. You may to wait tables for a short while or mow grass. All in all, it’s a wonderful way to make a living if you’re as fortunate. You will also encounter theater owners, mangers, producers, directors, choreographers, and fellow entertainers that are wonderful. The opposite is also true. But you can still manage to fulfill a contract and do a professional job. So there is no real bias on this post other than I’ve experienced working for the Mirandas.

    I could not, in good conscience, recommend working for the Miranda’s in any capacity to anyone. They create an unhealthy environment both mental, physically, and spiritually. On top of that, they are very unprofessional and quite honestly very limited in their knowledge of music and performance in general. I won’t rehash the points of previous comments but I agree with the general consensus. There is really nothing more I can add other than to say I’ve witnessed some of the firing and mistreatment first hand. You can’t believe their promises. They rarely follow through.

    In short, just stay away. Your career will thank you.

    Your post could not be any further from the truth. Doug and Jackie are two of the most generous and accommodating people in Pigeon Forge, and East TN. If you're unhappy with them man up, be classy, and talk to them directly. As for their shows, they have some of the best all around singers and dancers in town.

    07/02/2018  4:22pm
  • A JOKE 11/22/2017  2:44pm

    These people lie to and cheat their performers as a mode of operation. They will suspend you as "punishment" if they decide. On top of that they wont even tell you why. They cancel shows left and right (without pay). The "lady" is in one of the shows. It is the only way she would ever be on stage. The only thing she can even come close to doing is line dance. She sings horribly and knows NOTHING about theater. Loyalty means nothing to them. They are literally stupid! Seriously, STUPID!!!! The "man" emcees the show. His voice would NEVER land him a job as emcee. He's a micro managing control freak who is ultimately a coward. He is afraid of anyone who calls him out.
    Yes I'm venting a little but also warning young performers that may be desperate for a gig. DONT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE. aside from my opinion the facts are they screw and sue. They will screw you out of a contract then sue you for breaking it. And they usually win because they have been through it so much their contacted is worded in a way to assure victory in a courtroom.

    spot on!

    11/22/2017  3:05pm

    They lost their food license recently as well. They are just as bad at running a dining room as they are a theater.

    12/23/2017  10:02am

    WRONG!!!! They do still have their food license. So they are still serving same shitty food, lol!

    12/29/2017  2:01pm

    They haven't lost there food license. The food has changed for the better and it's really good!

    04/18/2018  10:24pm
  • Huge turnover 04/13/2018  10:50pm

    Concerning the 2018 cast versus the 2017 cast: This theater lost the 5 male vocals in Soul of Motown, 4 band members and the 3 main female performers in Americas Hit Parade...all in one year!! This should speak volumes.

    The Grand Majestic didn't loose 5 vocals in the Soul Of Motown. Still the same cast except one had moved. Still the same band members except a new drummer, who is really good.The owners of the Theatre are wonderful. They are good to their cast members, will help them out any way possible when it comes to housing and needing extra work. America's Hit Parade, Soul of Motown, and Hazard County are all awesome shows with very high energy and talented people.

    04/18/2018  12:35pm

    I agree with OP
    2017 Anthony 2018 gone
    2017 Cash 2018 gone
    2017 Dre 2018 gone
    2017 Rodney 2018 gone
    2017 The lady that sang Always love you -2018 gone
    2017 I thought the cartwheel guy was leaving
    2018 New drummer not bald/barefooted guy
    2018 new bass player Brandon gone
    2018 new piano player not Adam

    04/18/2018  8:46pm

    Red headed girl gone -Rachael?
    Blonde girl -gone
    Samantha -gone

    04/18/2018  8:50pm

    Cash is the only one who is gone. Anthony is back and Dre never left.

    04/18/2018  10:19pm

    The cart wheel has a name and it's Mo. Mo is still there. Cast come and go, the owners are great. All the people you think have left hasn't.

    04/18/2018  10:22pm
  • Dodged this bullet 03/15/2018  9:40pm

    I wanted to audition for Americashit Parade. I talked to one of the former performers there and boy did I get the low down. It all is consistent with these posts. The main thing that changed my mind was the amount of shows canceled. Once I figured the money at the end of the year it was below poverty level. I'm glad to have found this thread. ...and it looks like I will be cruising this year.

  • Just finished my contract with them 01/11/2018  9:38pm

    Hallelujah!!!!! I'm done. Hated working here. Hated it, hated it, hated it! These people are evil. But geniuses at disguising it. I have never experienced anyone giving "notes" right before the curtain goes up. Critical scathing notes. Not even professional critiques. These people spewed their venom at the most inappropriate times. Can't stand them. I will NEVER work for them again. I seriously had rather flip burgers.