Gig&Tell: Grand Majestic Theater

  • Dodged this bullet 03/15/2018  9:40pm

    I wanted to audition for Americashit Parade. I talked to one of the former performers there and boy did I get the low down. It all is consistent with these posts. The main thing that changed my mind was the amount of shows canceled. Once I figured the money at the end of the year it was below poverty level. I'm glad to have found this thread. ...and it looks like I will be cruising this year.

  • Just finished my contract with them 01/11/2018  9:38pm

    Hallelujah!!!!! I'm done. Hated working here. Hated it, hated it, hated it! These people are evil. But geniuses at disguising it. I have never experienced anyone giving "notes" right before the curtain goes up. Critical scathing notes. Not even professional critiques. These people spewed their venom at the most inappropriate times. Can't stand them. I will NEVER work for them again. I seriously had rather flip burgers.

  • A JOKE 11/22/2017  2:44pm

    These people lie to and cheat their performers as a mode of operation. They will suspend you as "punishment" if they decide. On top of that they wont even tell you why. They cancel shows left and right (without pay). The "lady" is in one of the shows. It is the only way she would ever be on stage. The only thing she can even come close to doing is line dance. She sings horribly and knows NOTHING about theater. Loyalty means nothing to them. They are literally stupid! Seriously, STUPID!!!! The "man" emcees the show. His voice would NEVER land him a job as emcee. He's a micro managing control freak who is ultimately a coward. He is afraid of anyone who calls him out.
    Yes I'm venting a little but also warning young performers that may be desperate for a gig. DONT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE. aside from my opinion the facts are they screw and sue. They will screw you out of a contract then sue you for breaking it. And they usually win because they have been through it so much their contacted is worded in a way to assure victory in a courtroom.

    spot on!

    11/22/2017  3:05pm

    They lost their food license recently as well. They are just as bad at running a dining room as they are a theater.

    12/23/2017  10:02am

    WRONG!!!! They do still have their food license. So they are still serving same shitty food, lol!

    12/29/2017  2:01pm
  • You think you know people 02/13/2014  5:16pm

    If you want to pay $350 per month rent with them (NO professional theaters do this), work 1-2 shows per week, though your contract says 4-7, not get paid for FREQUENTLY cancelled shows, be one of THE leads , get paid MINIMUM ($65 per show, when the lead Soul of Motown guy gets $160 per show), then by all means, go for it!

    Oh God I hate them so much!!!!! I can't believe I had to deal with ALL of these problems that everyone from every season has described and MORE. The only silver lining I can find is that now I know every red flag in the book to keep me from ever working under these kinds of oppressive, illegal (and at times dangerous) conditions again.

    02/25/2014  9:20am

    All I can say is everything on here is true. I don't think they will ever run out of people that will continue to give it a try, and then regret it. They won't change. They move from place to place and try different things but it's such a joke. I do feel sorry for all the people that will move and have moved to Pigeon Forge to be in their show. They promise things and they don't deliver. Oh well live and learn I guess

    03/09/2014  6:09pm

    There was a post about a new Rock n Roll show on playbill under the guise of an anonymous email address. I was excited. Both that and a fabricated live!rocknroll email address they gave rejected my youtube links. So upon googling the address they gave for hardcopy DVD submissions, Grand Majestic came up. TRICKY

    03/23/2014  12:46am

    They are getting a good amount of TV/news publicity in Pigeon Forge right now because of their move to the Smith Family Theatre. Here are two stories:

    They have been there for 7 years and this is their THIRD location. They have to keep moving because they break contracts, run their business unlawfully and no landlord wants to continue doing business with them for an extended period of time.

    THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Do not waste your time, money or talent on them. Whatever carrot they dangle for you to run toward, they will never let you have it. Even their most loyal performer/stagehand has moved on and works at more reputable theatre down the Parkway. They are abusive, both emotionally and physically. They will try to isolate you from your family and friends - textbook controlling/abusive behavior.

    03/25/2014  12:38pm

    I would disagree with the guy above me, but he's spot on!

    The current owners in Pigeon Forge TN, of a theater right next to RUby Tuesday's, are unjustly and illegally withholding my good friend's last paycheck, and half of his rent as well.....they made threats for legal action if he posted here again, so I will do it for him. FYI jerks, if you're reading this, its an OPEN FORUM and freedom of speech, so goodluck coming after my buddy. Its not him you have to worry about, it's his entire circle of A-List friends :-) Who btw know about you all and not for a good reason.

    They moved the poor kid around from Place to Place, and house to house, first from the GM's house because she didn't want her niece and nephew sleeping on couches....Well shit, dont ya think if this was to be an issue, DOug shouldnt have flown them out here?

    Second time, they moved him to a different room (after only being in his latest room for a week) to make room for two new cast members. This is bullying and disrespectful in the highest regard....

    Theyve also breached his contract by trying to lower his pay without any amendment, which Im pretty sure makes his contract null and void.

    As for the owner's Son (Yeah, heard about you two Nancy Pants): He would call Daniel a pussy almost everyday, and belittle him whenever he had the chance.

    These folks are some of the most unethical fuck faces in the world I've ever met. I already want to go visit them myself and I DONT EVEN KNOW THEM!!!!

    Stay away from them.

    06/03/2015  9:50pm

    This is PRECISELY how they operate. Working with them will give you PTSD. Thank you for standing up for your friend (and in that, actors everywhere)!

    03/18/2016  6:57pm

    I have read all the bs listed on this post and have to say it can't be further from the truth. I have worked for Doug for over 9 months and its a great job. They listen to their employees and try to see that all the problems get solved. Its a job its supposed to be hard thats why its called work. They open their own home to the cast providing a place thats cheeper than what you can find anywhere else. Truly they saved my family. If you get fired or decide to quit from this job all i can say is maybe its you. The Grand Majestic is better off without you...Quit bitchin and move on.....

    06/30/2016  12:31am

    Sorry to the last poster but no one will even mildly agree with you. Over years and years, cast after cast, everyone has the same horror stories. So one or two "they're not so bad" or "maybe it's you" just will not cut it in the way of excuses. They have another casting call out on Backstage now - looking for "immediate replacements" through the end of 2016. So nothing has changed; actors jumping ship left and right forever and always. Because this theatre is the worst.

    09/27/2016  5:19pm

    Listen up musicians and performers.

    11/07/2017  9:26pm

    These guys are horrible people they use and abuse.

    11/22/2017  3:01pm
  • Grand Majestic Theatre 06/12/2013  8:56pm

    Wow. How right everyone is on here. Owners, that call themselves producers cut people down, have no dignity for their own family so really how could they respect others. They are not going to change. They would have to change and treat people right before they could even possibly have a decent show. It is like a high school production with a cast that works hard. From what I hear year after year this is the way it is. A hard working cast and owners that try to produce a show. A show that can never come together because of them. What a joke


    11/07/2017  9:52pm

    They have 2 shows. One is Soul of Motown. The other is titled America's Hit Parade. Everyone in the area calls it $hit Parade, even most of the present performers.

    11/09/2017  9:34am

    Shit parade, LOLOLOLOL. Good one

    11/22/2017  2:59pm
  • Different but nice.    
    08/28/2015  3:56pm

    Worked with this company for a little while. They have some amazing people working there. Not for sure what all the fuss is about. This Daniel guy LMAO. Joke he was. The company owners were nice to him. He messed up. There's been the same people there forever. Cj from soul of motown has been there since 2011 Anthony from soul of motown there since 2010. Then another singer David was there in 2009 left for a cruise ship and then came back for another 3 contracts. They are different, laid back rehearsals not very stressed about things. To work there you must be flexible..thats what a professional does right? You be good to them and they'll be good to you. Simple

    this must be the management posting 1 of the only positive reviews. terrible rep in this town. no musicians want to work for them.

    11/07/2017  9:23pm

    Where is CJ now? not there, hasn't been for a while. Anthony left for a year or 2 and came back because there was no work for him in town. (I hear he wasn't offered a contract at his previous employer)

    11/22/2017  2:58pm
  • Good People    
    08/28/2015  3:40pm

    I started at the grand majestic as a swing for the stage manager. I was unable to perform due to a non compete I had with another local theatre. After meeting the owner Doug and him finding out my situation I was quickly takin in and given work. I was doing tech work, serving ($$$) and working the box office. Doug his wife Jackie and Cheryl the manager were so good to me. After a few weeks a spot had opened to perform I took care of my non compete and went right into the shows. I loved performing to the audience and loved working with the people there. After they were so nice and did all this for me I was offered a Contract for a cruise line, was nervous to go talk with Doug and Jackie about it..Clearly they shoulda been upset and screw me for everything being I basically went in and said I need to leave in less than 2 weeks..Well the exact opposite happened. They were SO understanding and gave me their blessing to go do my thing. I was so lucky to have done everything I had done there and learned so much! I really do hope I am able to go back and work for them again at some point! :)

    Yeah right! They are always to the ones they are about to get rid of anyway, LOL. Very accomodating. Let me guess you were a tech hoping to become a singer. They allowed you to become a singer. They were probably going to fire you bud. Sorry to tell you that. You probably are very talented. You probably went to work on a cruise or something. They didnt hear or see any talent in you. They only knew you were a tech now your singing. They snowed you.

    11/22/2017  2:55pm
    09/25/2013  9:49am

    Doug and Jackie have posted on Playbill that they're in need of performers in both America's Hit Parade and Soul of Motown shows. Don't go, even if the contract is only October through December. They will not give you 5-7 shows per week. You will not get paid if a show is cancelled. They will sign you as an "independent contractor," a sneaky employer's method of not paying employment taxes (social security and unemployment) and other employee benefits like workers' compensation insurance and unemployment benefits. If you are required to show up for work at a particular time, punch the clock, use the employer’s equipment and are paid an hourly rate, or another set rate based on time served, you are an employee. Doug admitted to a couple of us that he fudges numbers and doesn't pay all the taxes he should. And you'd better check your pay every time because almost every cast member at one time or another wasn't paid for one or more shows every time it was pay day. Don't let them scam and degrade you. Go on ANY audition instead of theirs. Just don't bother. They're an embarrassment and disgrace to show business.

    100% in agreement

    11/07/2017  9:24pm
  • Different but nice.    
    08/28/2015  3:47pm

    Worked with this company for a little while. They have some amazing people working there. Not for sure what all the fuss is about. This Daniel guy LMAO. Joke he was. The company owners were nice to him. He messed up. There's been the same people there forever. Cj from soul of motown has been there since 2011 Anthony from soul of motown there since 2010. Then another singer David was there in 2009 left for a cruise ship and then came back for another 3 contracts. They are different, laid back rehearsals not very stressed about things. To work there you must be flexible..thats what a professional does right? You be good to them and they'll be good to you. Simple

    "Be good to them and they'll be good to you" is not at all how they've operated with me. They've also done the same backstabbing, harassing, threatening things to several other cast members throughout the season. That's why they can't keep a cast together for 10 months. If they're smiling, it's because they think they're pulling something over on you. They only get upset when they're challenged or proven wrong. Danger zone. Don't work there.

    09/23/2015  8:33pm

    I believe this post was posted by the owners themselves. Too many details about contracts etc.

    10/29/2017  3:06pm
  • Do not work for these people! 10/24/2017  10:34am

    I know this first hand. I have more than 4 personal friends that have experienced the following:

    They sue people! Thats what they do best. They seldom honor their end of the contract. They lie by giving you a verbal agreement then will not honor it unless it suits their agenda. They will fire you without cause then sue you for breaking the contract. They cancel shows and don't pay you for them. Promises, promises promises is what you will hear in the beginning. It's a husband and wife team. The husband will berate performers but you dare not question him. You will get fired then sued!

    It would be better to wait for a better gig to come along than to accept an offer from these guys