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Gig&Tell: Courthouse Center for the Arts

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    01/09/2013  12:30pm

    What I know:
    - Pay is horribly low. Like $100/week low.
    - You can negotiate more if you are AEA.
    - Housing is terrible. Kiddie Bunk Beds. Air mattresses. 5+ people to a room. No real kitchen. 1 bathroom.
    - Stage is the size of your living room.
    - One "dressing room" for entire cast. very small.
    - Provide your own 'costume.'
    - Guy who runs it is mean to actors.
    - Nice stage manager was in a car accident one night after staying at theatre late to paint scenery. He was late to work the next morning because of his accident. Fired him on the spot.

    Have you actually worked there or is this just hear-say? I'm asking because I'm called back for them today.

    01/16/2013  9:55am

    Was cast in a show there. My agent tried to negotiate a contract. They said they would discuss with the producers, but instead of calling her back, they rudely emailed her and said "We went with someone else." Don't work here.

    Also, they claim they have equity contracts available. They are LIARS. They do NOT give people cards who do not have them.

    01/26/2013  8:50am

    For the record, when I worked there it was not this bad. So not sure if this is because of a new direction or what. But we had a cast house with cable (no internet or a/c), but private rooms. Kitchen.

    Dressing rooms were split boys/girls.

    It was a thrust stage with a beautiful orchestra. It was a pretty well-thought-out show.

    Crowds were tiny though. But they paid for my travel, etc. I can't complain.

    09/24/2014  11:26pm