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Gig&Tell: Casa Mañana Theatre

  • A PERFECT quick gig    
    08/20/2018  4:48pm

    The best experience. Perfect little quick 3 week contract, creative team was high profile, house holds 1,400 and was always sold very well, devoted local fanbase, and Fort Worth rocks. Great housing in brand new extended-stay hotel. Cast was a great blend of out-of-town Equity, local Equity and local non-eq... everything from college kids to actors about to go headline national tours. Production value was great. Would work here again in a heartbeat!!

    It seemed like they were having some administrative turnover in the office, but everyone I worked with was wonderfully helpful and kind!

  • Fantastic Experience!    
    03/05/2016  9:45pm

    Worked here last winter and lucky enough to be headed back this spring! I absolutely love Casa! Everyone made me feel like I was part of the family from the first day I got there. So strange that the one person had such a bad experience. I ran into none of the issues they mentioned. Everyone I worked with treated me and everyone else with the utmost respect. If you get the chance to work there, do it!

  • Awesome Experience    
    12/02/2015  5:37pm

    I'm sad to hear that the writer of this other post had a uniquely poor experience, but I guarantee you they are one of the few and far between.

    Most of Casa Mañana actors are those who have returned over and over and there is a reason - it is a GREAT place to work. For real. Growing up in the DFW, I'd been hoping to work there for several years, and now I've just returned to NYC after having been in my first Casa show a few months back - and I am so thankful I did. Incredible professionalism, family-like cast and crew, completely down to earth, patient, supportive and encouraging. From the costume crew to the stage manager to the director and on and on, it was a joy getting to know these people for a month. And the Broadway-like quality of the mainstage shows speak for themselves.

    So there's that! And now I only hope I have a chance to work there again soon. (Fingers crossed for the spring;) Would recommend working at Casa Mañana 100 times over.

  • Run 01/21/2014  12:21pm

    This is one of the absolute worst theater companies I've ever worked for...

    The quality of their shows are decent enough, but the staff are the WORST kind of "theater people" - egotistic, rude, entitled, and the producer, Wally Jones, treats actors as if they are all just walking money signs.

    If you want to work for a company who thinks actors should feel "lucky to have a job", this is the place for you.