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Gig&Tell: Theater for the New City

  • Take it for what it is    
    01/07/2013  10:14am

    Theater for the New City produces only NEW musicals and plays. This is a very low-paying theater, and not the best quality of shows. However, it's a NYC credit, so if you're new to New York, take it. They do pay SOMETHING which is better than not being in anything or being in something that pays nothing.

    The rehearsal process was a little infuriating - but only because I'm used to running on equity rehearsal rules. Although rehearsals were really unorganized, the space is nice, and so are the people who run the theater.

    And it totally depends on the show. They do like 4 shows at a time. Ours was not well-written, so the material was not something I enjoyed. Like I said, they only produce NEW work... so it's SUPER hit-or-miss.

    I made some of my best friends in the show I did, so that is a HUGE plus.

    I'm not sure I would go back, but it gave me a NYC credit and that was the goal. If you've got time, patience, and nothing to lose, go ahead.

    The space itself is sketchy because it's completely open to the public and they have had a lot of problems with crime-- it's not necessarily safe to leave your belongings in the dressing room while you're onstage! (Not because of your fellow actors-- because anyone can come in off the street and end up backstage.) There's also a lot of smoking in the theater. Also, the rehearsal space in the basement is not air conditioned and has no windows, so it's miserable in the summer. Of course there are some really great people there and with good material it can be great fun, but the theater itself is not the nicest of places.

    11/18/2013  11:46am

    Were you AEA? and was the pay weekly or a stipend?

    10/22/2014  9:54pm