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Gig&Tell: Goodspeed Opera House

  • Greatest place on earth    
    01/26/2013  11:14pm

    I really do think Goodspeed should be the poster-child for regional theatres across the world. Honestly, the greatest place I have ever worked. Amazing housing, amazing people, amazing opportunities. What a wonderful experience - if I only work at Goodspeed for the rest of my life, I'd be ok with that...

    Completely agree. Hands down, the best place I have ever worked. Great housing, great productions, great people! Does not get better!

    03/05/2013  12:18pm

    I will echo the other posts. I have worked in many venues but the Goodspeed is on top of my list. I only worked there once but found the "campus" very welcoming. The rehearsal space, the theater, and the amazing library which is a must go to were fantastic. The stage is small, but somehow the shows end up large and the Goodspeed audiences are top-notch as well. Hoping to get back there soon

    12/02/2013  12:55pm

    Thank you for the comments! Might anyone touch upon the area a bit more-- how you spend your time outside of performing, if they provide cars, getting back to the city at times, etc.? Thank you!!

    05/14/2015  11:51pm

    It was years ago that I worked there, so I don't know if things are the same now, but to answer some of the questions above, in my day, they did not provide cars, but since there isn't a lot in walking distance, they'd take us in groups once a week to do grocery shopping, laundry, etc. I was there in the winter, so a bunch of us took up knitting/crocheting. Also, older patrons of the theater would volunteer to drive cast members to the train station in Old Saybrook for trips back into the city.

    02/12/2016  8:14am

    An absolute dream

    10/23/2016  10:21pm

    I don't know how it is to work in a show for the theater, but I recently did one of their boot camp workshops and it was an amazing experience. All the staff were phenomenal to work with, and they really knew what they were talking about. I learned so much in the few days I had with them, I can only imagine what I would learn during a production!

    01/02/2018  6:31pm

    It's a slice of heaven!!

    07/05/2018  3:40pm