Gig&Tell: College Light Opera Company

  • Great resume builder    
    03/06/2018  7:22pm

    I had a great summer here. I would suggest this program for a college student looking to build his or her resume. They do nine shows in eleven weeks. When I was there, there were about five directors for all nine shows. Some were better than others, but no one was horrible. Rehearsals were scheduled reasonably. Sunday is your free day, but most of us spent it in the laundromat downtown. The area in West Falmouth is quaint. Not a lot to do, but you won't have a ton of time to explore. There's a little main street downtown. There are a few good restaurants. There's a beach walking distance from the cabins. They owners claim that prime casting goes to the best actor, but they spread the wealth nicely among 32 of us.

    You are required to do chores around the rehearsal space. The chores range from setting the tables before mealtime to cleaning bathrooms. You can switch chores with other company members. It's a bit like indentured servitude, but I think all the performance opportunities outweigh the chores.

    The theatre is a refurbished farm. No mics. Eighteen piece orchestra. The sets are pretty crappy, but I'm pretty sure all the money went towards costumes. They were beautiful.

    All and all, it was a great experience. I really liked the staff and company members. There is NO PAY. But again, it's a great resume builder.