Gig&Tell: Chenango River Theatre

  • Specifically Got a Screenname to Post About this Theatre 08/02/2014  5:28pm

    Do. Not. Work. Here.

    The man who runs the theatre, Bill, hates actors. He treats you like crap, and does not even bother coming to the shows. You get paid absolutely nothing, and he even talks about your salary on his website. Very unprofessional. You live IN the theatre, and during rehearsals when he has to build the set, he starts sawing at 7/9am everyday. The water is well water so it smells like farts when you take a shower. Luckily I had great people in my cast, so my time was manageable. Bill is one of the most passive aggressive people I've ever met. If you leave food in the strainer in the sink overnight, the next morning it will be sitting on a paper towel on the counter. You also DO NOT have the run of the place like he says you do. He has a CRAZY list of rules and demands, but when you ask for favors....he gives you passive aggressive attitude. It's ridiculous. The quality of the shows is what most small professional theatre's put on. Once again, the girls I worked with were so talented and wonderful, we were able to pull off a good show. The patrons are very kind, and often show a lot of support. One last don't come out after the shows to talk to anyone. You come out and everyone is gone. OH, and no opening night party for the actors. He throws a party BEFORE the show for audience members. He is a very good business man, but should NOT be running a theatre.

    Full respect to the previous post, I would work here again. It is absolutely true that the water smells awful. You live in the building, so you're never really able to be separate. The pay is very modest. And you do have to follow rules for the kitchen and company car. But I found Bill's directing to be brilliant, and he was never disrespectful to the actors. He's a particular person, but never unkind. I was really proud of the show we did, and it was a positive experience. I learned so much...

    09/16/2016  9:31am