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Gig&Tell: Round Barn Theatre At Amish Acres

  • Don't Waste Your Time    
    02/22/2017  4:23pm

    I wouldn't suggest working here based on housing alone. Black mold was rampant, our kitchen flooded every time it rained, and people only came by to fix things if they had absolutely nothing else to do.

    Actors are bottom of the rung importance. Do not expect costumes to fit, do not expect a proper set, do not expect to be treated like a human by patrons or the owner of Amish Acres.

    The Artistic Director has great ideas and really tries but there's no money.

    I will say the directors that came in were awesome. Unfortunately, production value was worse than most community theatres.

    04/11/2014  10:53am

    I worked at the Round Barn this past year and overall I had a good experience. The artistic director directed my show and he is just a kind, good guy. The actors were all really great people, and though the cast housing was not amazing, we all had sooo much fun together. When I was cast, I was under the impression that this theatre was literally in the middle of nowhere, but it is actually really close to South Bend and two hours from Chicago so it is not completely desolate.

    The downside of the experience was that there is little money so the production value wasn't too great-- but still definitely better than other theaters I've experienced. Also, time wasn't managed well in rehearsal so opening night was honestly terrifying and felt like a disaster. But we had a decent length run and the show came together. I would definitely work here again, but it would have to be a good role for me to come back :P.

    Do they happen to accept video submissions? I can't attend local auditions and I really like their season!

    01/31/2015  3:17pm