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Gig&Tell: Playhouse on the Park

  • not great    
    10/19/2013  9:32pm

    it's not really the best place to work. i did something there this summer.. it's very cliquey, though. one of the directors, kevin, hires his friends instead of people actually right for the roles, especially with the children's theatre shows. one girl just showed up at the callbacks (late, might i add), and she and he acted like bffls. you can probably guess who got the job even though she was not right for any of the young girl roles. if you get the know the directors/artistic directors, they'll be more likely to cast you in something despite your talent/abilities. i don't think i'll work there again. don't spend money taking a train/bus out to west hartford.

    I had a fantastic experience at Playhouse on Park this summer. I worked with a different director, Sean, and having never worked there or with him before, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, they did cast me, and everyone I worked with was friendly, professional, and pushed for the strongest possible results from all of us. I would gladly audition/work for them again. I would also like to say that it is not uncommon for directors to cast people they know/whose work they've seen. While it is certainly irresponsible to disregard type when casting, anywhere you work, a director is likely to cast people he or she trusts from previous experience.

    10/30/2013  11:05pm

    I love working here! I have done a few shows and always have a great experience. The interesting thing about this post above is that I did some digging about the claims they made (I was cast in the children's show but was not at callbacks). The girl who "showed up late and acted like BFFS"? Yeah, she wasn't cast in the show. Why? Not the right type. Not only that, since this theatre does a lot of side projects, the actress may have been coming from another venue, thus the director not minding that she was late. This is a small place to work and the pay is okay, but the people that work/direct there make it worth coming back every time. This bad review just sounds like sour grapes, and I wouldn't take it too seriously.

    12/04/2013  3:11pm

    Do they give out EMC Points? Thanks.

    03/10/2014  3:31pm

    The name of the venue is actually PLAYHOUSE ON PARK and there is another venue called Playhouse on THE Park, but it is not in West Hartford. I worked for them recently and loved it. The professionalism, kindness, quality of the production, treatment of those of us who needed shuttling around was AWESOME.

    07/15/2014  5:01pm

    anyone know if they offer EMC points???

    06/21/2018  12:16pm
  • Mixed Bag    
    09/03/2014  11:24pm

    Nice place to work - but depends on what you're used to. Visiting actors often get housed in locations far away from the theater... This usually means Retirement Communities and occasionally in people's homes... While the apartments in the old folk's homes are nice if you do not have a vehicle you are most likely stranded until someone comes to pick you up for rehearsal or a performance - Connecticut does not have great public transportation. The quality of the productions can be quite good, however! Many of the actors are folks who grew up in the area and have taken a pay cut and moved back in with mom and dad for a time to work in their hometown .. this provides a nice sense of community. I believe this company is up and coming although some of their choices are still baffling - especially when it comes to publicity.