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Gig&Tell: Depot Theatre

  • Lovely people. Good summer job.    
    03/21/2013  5:44pm

    I loved working at the Depot.

    Pay is low but you do less than 8 shows a week and get your AEA insurance/pension weeks. Tiny theatre is inside a train station (literally). You may have to hold mid-show until the train passes by so the audience can hear you speak. They have a pretty laid-back vibe to the way they run there is a cat who lives in the theatre. He may wander on stage during your show. Just maybe. :)

    Housing is walking distance to the cute little downtown area. Housing not fancy but is clean with a large porch for sitting outside on summer nights.

    You are in the adirondacks. So cool summer nights. And hot days when you can go to the beach club at the lake and swim, use the kayaks, etc. Great hiking trails nearby as well. And driving distance to Lake Placid.

    This is not a big theatre. It's a small, sweet place with lovely people. They often put up new works and also cast nontraditionally which is fantastic to see. Audiences are some locals and older folks who spend their summers upstate. While they are laid back and small- they are also very professional. Great to work with and take pride in their productions.

    Wonderful place to spend a few weeks of your summer with the nicest people you will ever meet.

    Note: Your cell phone may not always work here. You're out in farmland a little bit. (Oh yeah- great local farmers market!)

    The Depot is a great place to work! The housing is beautiful and has a lot of charm. It is a old farm house, so there are some spiders here and there. But, overall I found it very comfortable. You live with your whole cast and crew, so you really bond.

    The theatre itself is very charming. The audience is so appreciative and kind. The board members always attend shows and make you feel very welcome. When a train passes you do have to pause mid scene, but it really isn't a big deal. The audience always applauds afterwards as if you've performed some sort of magic trick! It's adorable.
    One Thing: The theatre has some pests. Spiders, wasps, snakes, bats, etc. I never saw them, but my cast mates did.

    The team there is so kind. I hope to work there again. They are such marvelous people!

    09/03/2013  10:07pm

    I loved working there as well. We put up a beautiful show- and they had a first class director. It's beautiful scenery- not too much to do there- and the pay isn't great. But it was a great filler contract! Would totally go back!

    02/06/2015  6:52pm

    I had such a blast at the Depot -- it was like a paid summer vacation! Echo all that the other posters have said (house quaint if old, we had a few wasps join our show, the trains do pass by,) but also, the Board members were SO lovely to us - taking us out on the lake, throwing parties for us - we felt amazingly appreciated. And with < 8 shows/wk, lots of time to hit the awesome farmers' market, go hiking, and explore the area. Not fancy by any means, but a really lovely experience.

    02/24/2017  9:15pm