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Gig&Tell: Downstairs Cabaret Theatre

  • Just ask    
    10/23/2012  12:17pm

    If you ever find yourself in a situation with this "theatre", whether is is an audition, a callback, an offer or God help you if you're already there...just ask someone who's already worked there.

    Do the world a favor Kris, either shut the whole thing down or sell it to someone with enough money to do something with it. You're a terrible man that puts on terrible shows.

    Again fellow actors. Just ask. Or look into their Department of Labor suit a couple of years ago...

    WOW.....sooooo true. Nothing is worth working at this theater. All you will do is have heartache & be sick to your stomach the whole time. I also wish he would just sell and stop subjecting anyone else to working with/for him.

    RUN people RUN!!!

    01/14/2013  9:32pm

    Agreed. WORST THEATRE EXPERIENCE EVER. Run as fast as you can. This man is crazy, abusive, and frankly a crook. I won't say much more, except a word of advice for the fresh and young actors reading this: as tempting as it may be to take absolutely any paying gig - know that this place is not worth it. Until this place is shut down or Chris is no longer the producer, do NOT work here. Ever.

    02/20/2013  8:54pm

    So, should I not even submit to their new rock show?

    09/18/2013  12:40pm

    Nothing or no one has words to truly describe what a horrible place this is... honestly run by the most twisted person you will ever meet not in an institution or behind bars....charming and incredibly convincing until you are under his control... everyone is either in a desperate situation when they arrive or he finds their weakness and like a demon finds a way to tear away at their confidence, love for the art etc!

    Life is too short! You are too valuable as a soul to let yourself be exposed...I pray to this day that those he has touched have found the strength to relegate their time in his employ to a blessing for appreciating wherever they are today!

    .it's been nearly 3 years since my experience and it's taken till now to finally feel safe I no longer have any connections to him...I watched the lengths to which he will go to hurt anyone who leaves...which is everyone other than a handful of folks who use him to work on their act or show...a vampire

    07/23/2015  4:21am

    I am a former technical employee of the Cabaret and first I want to say that I met good people there who genuinely wanted to help me and teach me, some even became my good friends, also the spaces themselves are intimate and fun to work in, if very disorganized. However Christopher Kawolski, the producing director is an entirely different matter. He has set up a system that takes advantage of everyone in his employ. My fellow employees and I where insulted, screamed at, and made to look foolish in front of other professionals just so that Kawolski could make himself look better. We were not paid fairly and were overworked. I was asked to perform tasks that were out of my abilty to perform, and was not then taught how to perform them, or were far out of my job description (mainly house repair or landscaping). In conclusion while this job is painted as an “excellent learning opportunity” it is really a trap populated by qualified, but desperate and overworked, people

    R. Lamb

    11/10/2015  6:01pm