Gig&Tell: Westchester Sandbox Theatre

  • Nice    
    03/01/2013  12:02am

    Very pleasant time doing a show there last fall. We rehearsed in NYC for a week and a half before moving to Mamaroneck for tech. Besides minor tech issues, pretty stress-free experience mounting a show we staged and choreographed so quickly. Incredibly lovely Artistic Director who was overworked but great to work with whenever we had him to ourselves. They advertised clearly that pay was a $300 stipend and it's a wonderful place to work as you gain your footing in the NY theater scene. It's a fairly new theater, but it's building a nice reputation for producing solid non-eq work right outside the city.

    If you live uptown, take the MetroNorth from the Bronx to get the theater - Fordham's really close to the ABCD. You'll save a ton of money and you don't have to worry about peak/off-peak.

    Hi! Does Westchester Sandbox rehearse on the weekends? What is a typical rehearsal schedule like? Trying to figure out if I could even do a show based on some weekend travel plans.

    08/10/2015  12:58pm

    I would advise against working here. They're currently listed on AEA's Do Not Work list. The staff can be nice, but highly unorganized. One of the directors has his priorities all over the place. There are better places to work.

    08/20/2015  2:23pm
  • Solid Productions    
    08/10/2015  4:17pm

    Had the pleasure of seeing a few of their MainStage productions in the past and had a friend in one as well. Got the chance to see the NY Premiere of Next to Normal there that Tom Kitt was at and it was unbelievable. It's a nice intimate blackbox space, seats about 100-150 i think, and great for doing smaller, contemporary shows that don't work as will in big 300+ seat houses. Easy to commute to and pleasure to work with the staff and creative team! Highly recommend it!