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Gig&Tell: freeFall Theatre

  • Just the best!    
    10/23/2012  11:37am

    freeFall is a fairly new theatre company in St. Petersburg, FL and they are already garnering lots of attention for their bold, artistic staging of a variety of works.
    I was brought in as a replacement for the second run of a show which sold out completely in its first run and it was the most fantastic experience. The show was of such high caliber, the blackbox space was transformed and so versatile and everything was top notch. The director and artistic team were marvelous and the cast/crew/musicians were just as wonderful.
    They often hire locals, so if you have links to St. Petersburg it is worth auditioning, but as NY-er I was housed 1 block from the theatre. Completely worth the time it would take to do a video submission (and they DO hire from those!)
    I can't say enough positive stuff about this theatre. They are one to watch out for!

    GREAT place to work! They are very organized, they provide housing & travel, and their productions are creative and breathtaking!

    12/20/2013  3:20pm

    If it's a smart, innovative, original, exciting piece your creative self is yearning to work on, then you need to reach out to freeFall. And they're in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL, so that doesn't suck, either. If you get a chance to work there... work there.

    04/17/2014  12:24am

    An innovative, brilliant, intelligent, and caring artistic team. If you have the chance to work here, do it!

    04/07/2018  8:25pm