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Gig&Tell: Arkansas Repertory Theatre

  • Theater is Closing 04/25/2018  8:38pm

    Heard this theater was closing earlier today. So sad ...

  • Good Experience 10/25/2012  11:13pm

    I did "the Wiz" with ART. I had a really great experience. The dorms are nice, The staff take great care of you, and the stage and rehearsal rooms are lovely. Little Rock is a little...scary in certain parts, but that happens sometimes. And there are also really nice parts of town as well. The gym facility was also really stellar. Overall a really great contract

    Housing: Single apartments (1BR), huge, nice
    Pay: FANTASTIC for Non Eq and Eq alike
    Location: Gross downtown area, some nice stuff toward the river but not miserable. Bars etc within walking distance.

    They take amazing care of their performers.

    10/13/2013  11:31am

    Two shows over several years, and I'd gladly return. Wonderful management, excellent facilities (especially housing), and generally very strong casts. Little Rock is good if not perfect, but it's walkable and big enough that you can find things to love.

    01/31/2014  12:48am

    I was in a production of MEMPHIS at this theatre and I would gladly go back in a heartbeat. Housing is 2-3 block away from the theatre. I was non-eq at the time and it was everything I could ask for. They provide the cast with 2-3 vehicles to go shopping and stuff lol

    There are so many thinks to do around Little Rock; from food to museums to food. The cast ate a lot :)

    08/07/2015  11:24am

    I did a show in 2012 with Arkansas rep as well. And absolutely loved it. Non eq & eq alike loved it. To this day I still check their website for the up coming season because I would love to work for them again. Great housing, kind people, big space & theater. Only thing is.. There ain't nothin to do in lil rock for fun besides skating & the mall.

    02/19/2016  11:11am

    Equity principal performers - what kind of pay did you recieve and did you negotiate higher? What was your pay deal....

    10/13/2016  1:52am

    Favorite theatre I've worked for. Entire staff is amazing and care so much for their performers. Housing is great. Gym membership and massages included. Production quality is wonderful and show was fantastic. Hope to return soon!

    01/17/2018  12:27pm