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Gig&Tell: Northern Stage

  • Might Be Better Now That the Artistic Director has Left    
    05/01/2013  1:45pm

    I worked here a few years ago and it was awful, the Artistic Director was just an egomaniac and hates women, she has now left, so it may have improved. The housing I was in was somewhat iffy, run-down hotel in town, but there is better housing several miles away.Not much to the town, very little to do , the venue is not great and very limited dressing rooms.

    Two shows in two years and I'd definitely go back. Good management, wonderful housing, a true emphasis on the work, and generally very strong casts. I'll only address the above review by confirming that yes, dressing room size is limited, and yes, the town is very little (although wonderful, wonderful things exist in 15 miles in every direction).

    01/31/2014  12:45am

    Northern Stage is wonderful! The new Artistic Director is an amazing woman who is practically worshipped by the Upper Valley community, and the rest of the permanent staff is a pleasure to be around as well. The housing accommodations are nice, albeit a short drive from the theater/rehearsal space.

    As for the area, it's pretty rural and the towns are quaint. It's a great place for the outdoorsy and a nice change from the bustle of NY.

    I loved acting at Northern Stage - I hope to be back there sometime soon!

    05/16/2014  3:08pm