Gig&Tell: Maltz Jupiter Theatre

  • Cody Knable    
    03/18/2018  1:15am

    This guy was hooking up with all the gays when we were doing Newsies. Disgusting.

    My best friend Betty was playing a newsie and he kept taking about her behind her back.

    03/18/2018  1:19am
  • Awesome    
    03/29/2013  7:55am

    Amazing place to work. Great housing and super nice people. The Jupiter community loves the actors too. Made us all feel like superstars. I literally have no complaints. It is amazing

    Approximate pay?

    03/29/2013  4:49pm

    For AEA, around $860.

    11/02/2016  10:17am
  • Incredible    
    01/28/2015  11:05am

    Really great all around. Amazing performers in the shows, wonderfully nice and efficient stage crew/stage management, the artistic director is a dream come true. Only footsteps from the beach.

    The housing was the best apartment I've ever lived in, on a gig or not on a gig. Pay for non-eq was not good, but the Equity pay appeared to be fabulous.

    agreed! loved working there! equity pay pretty good, and i agree, great area and housing situation. small dressing room space is my only complaint, doesn't really matter in the scheme of things

    02/14/2016  4:56pm