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Gig&Tell: Big Family Entertainment

  • bad news 03/11/2013  7:52pm

    Don't do it. Bad news. You'll regret working here

    Can you provide more details? Curious about this...

    03/14/2013  3:36pm

    I would disagree with the above post, and I think that most of my cast would as well. We were treated extremely well, full room and board, and the apartments that we were put in where huge and well equipped. The pay was one of the best that I have seen for non eq and the show schedule was super low stress. Now its not a contract to grow as an artist but bills did get paid and I am in no worse shape.

    04/07/2013  11:44pm

    I've heard the following about this place: deplorable working conditions in regards to safety and communication to the actors, poorly thrown together shows, drunk production staff, and verbal abuse of the production team toward the performers. I also heard that there were several issues with getting people's pay checks out consistently.

    04/19/2013  9:30am