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Gig&Tell: Matt Murphy Productions

  • Bears Live    
    11/12/2014  8:22am

    My overall experience has been extremely positive. The hotels are generally very nice including many double tree inn's or places with free breakfast. The casting has been superb. All of us are easy to get along with and are professional. The honda we drive in does have a crack in the windshield yet we drove from NYC to LA in it with no other issues at all. The ride was very smooth. They did just purchase a new van for the set, which has three seats in it. That is nice for having extra room in the honda. However, the van has gone through many leaks which have gotten on the set and the casts baggage. The actual Bears show is very fun to perform and the cast always gets wonderful reactions from the audiences which is incredibly rewarding. The cities we went to were all very fun and the venues we performed in were so nice! We almost always had help loading and unloading our set. Some of the costume and set pieces are old and are in need of replacement and/or serious cleaning and touch ups. In general, I would sign with this company again. Any advice I can give would be to go over all the details I've mentioned above and more if you can think of any, before signing the contract. I'm sure if any of the cast members knew what to expect and demanded standards, the Matt's would accommodate as best as they can.

    Gonna have to majorly disagree with above reviewer - this company is awful to work for. They don't respect basic safety on tour and go out of their way to cut corners. The costumes/props/vehicles are falling apart, they screw up payments, they twist the contract, put you up in crappy hotels.. not worth the nightmare to do a show that basically fat shames kids at one point.

    11/21/2014  2:15pm

    Yeah, no, this company was a nightmare to work for. The show is lots of fun, but our stage manager was crazy and the cast got in many fights with her. The costumes, sets, and props are all falling apart. It's extremely lazy to me, since fixing some of these things would cost little to nothing. We had to pile 5 in a car on tour, while two poor individuals had to drive the van, that had no air conditioning, or a working radio. At one point on tour, our dashboard light broke, and instead of allowing us to go get it repaired, we used a flashlight to see how fast we were going. I guess they got a new van, but this just goes to show how little they care about our safety.

    The company was also too cheap to make sure that everyone got their own bed, so 5 people got their own bed , while two people had to share one at each stop. This was horribly inappropriate. I'm not a 15 year old kid on a school trip. The least they could do was make sure we each had our own bed.

    Going back to our crazy stage manager. On the last stop on our tour, she asks us if we could drop her off on our way home at the train station somewhere in jersey, instead of coming back to queens with the rest of us, to drop off the car and van. We all as a group say no because we were uncomfortable with the fact that if something were to go wrong with the car or the van in between the stop in jersey to queens, we would be financially responsible. We also thought that considering that she was the stage manager, she should be at the drop off point. Well she didn't take this well, stormed out of the restaurant we were in and cried in the van until we were all done eating. In the morning she informed us that she had spoken to Matt Franzetti (company manger and he good friend) and that we would in fact be dropping her off at the train because it was "in her contract." This was of course probably not true. So we dropped her off and made the extra hour drive to queens on our own.

    I don't like to be taken advantage of especially by our stage manager who should have our best interests in mind. She no longer works for Bears, but this is just a great example of how terrible they are.

    You'll have fun doing the actual show and will probably make some good friends considering, but just know that this is pretty much as non eq as it gets

    12/14/2015  6:23pm

    Also this : "I'm sure if any of the cast members knew what to expect and demanded standards, the Matt's would accommodate as best as they can."

    That's a joke right?

    they would say thanks but no thanks and then hire the next person on their list who was desperate enough to accept their contract. They don't negotiate anything.

    12/14/2015  6:26pm

    I had a horrible time with this company. The show is fun. The cast was great. Matt was a terrible, terrible human being who treated many of us like dirt - especially the person playing Mama bear. I saw two actresses in a row get treated like crap - and they were both really good. One put in her notice and he laughed in her a face and told her to think about it. He makes many women feel unsafe and he has a very creepy vibe. He swears at his performers and gets away with it because as non-union he isn't bound to any rules.

    I say stay away from this company and their piss poor treatment of people. Non-Union does not equal cattle! Do not degrade yourself because you want to "build a resume."

    08/04/2016  8:18am