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Gig&Tell: Alhambra Dinner Theatre

  • Love working here!    
    08/31/2015  2:20pm

    I worked here recently and going back soon. Had a wonderful experience. I was treated with kindness and professionalism. If you get a contract take it. Bring a car, lots to do in the area.

    Hi! Do you know if they give out a lot of out of town, non-union/EMC contracts?....


    11/30/2016  9:27pm

    In answering the above, yes, they do. The entire ensemble minus 1 person in the show I did there was out of town and non-union/EMC.

    I very much enjoyed my time at Alhambra. The people there love what they do and the audiences are so appreciative. You're only a few miles from the beach and Ubers are SO CHEAP!

    12/08/2016  12:40pm

    The housing is really terrible.

    01/12/2017  2:25am

    what's it about?

    01/16/2017  6:40am