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Gig&Tell: Peach State Summer Theatre

  • South Georgia was hot and so was I    
    06/04/2018  8:36pm

    Worked there this past summer! Not a bad gig at all. Long days, 3 shows, and not much off time, (at least my case when I worked there.) They hire 2 to 3 equity performers a season, and they love to advertise it to bring patrons in. The directors are very nice, though the whole season was a bit disorganized. Since it is a rotating rep, there were lengthy changeovers from show to show during the week. The living situation is great (individual rooms and bathrooms!!!), and Valdosta State is a beautiful campus. Not much to do but shop in Valdosta, but some great restaurants. The patrons are so loyal, and fed us multiple times throughout the summer. Needless to say the community is a big part of the gig. The season was ran professionally for the most part, especially once the shows were up and running. The rehearsal process is a bit confusing and exhausting at times, but doing the shows made it worth it. Overall, a great theatre for performers who are getting their start regionally.

  • Thoughts? 04/05/2017  2:33pm

    I have a few friends who have worked here but wanted to get some unbiased opinions on what it was like for NY talent who has worked here before!

    Any insight would be apprecoated!! Thanks!

    Roomie did it a few years ago. Thought it was fine, but wouldn't do it again. Only reason was that is was a dream show/role. The other person I know who was there more recently, hated it it, but said person also is Eq and was there on Guest Artist contract I believe.

    04/24/2017  1:35pm

    Anyone else have any more info on them? What’s the non eq pay and/or emc points situation?

    01/13/2018  2:43am

    I have more info!! I don't know if anything has changed from last summer, but they weren't offering any EMC points. They usually hire 2 to 3 equity actors a summer season. The non-eq pay ranges on what role you're playing, and if they hired you as actor/tech or not.

    06/04/2018  8:23pm