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Gig&Tell: Springer Opera House

  • LOVED IT    
    02/06/2015  6:55pm

    Absolutely beautiful theatre! As beautiful as a bway house. They do limited equity guest contract but if you can get one- by all means take it! Everyone there was so nice and supportive. And the schedule was super easy. Clean housing at the theatre- and easy access to downtown. Not too much to do in columbus, but an hour and a half from Atlanta. Would definitely go back. Stunning theatre!!!

    I agree, I absolutely loved working there. Stunning theatre, they house you in the same building. Rehearsals are usually 2-10 and it's Georgia so they really take their time, and it feels kinda like a vacation. Columbus is small, and if you don't have a car ( which they don't provide to AEA members because you live AT the theatre, so technically they are not required to). All in all, beautiful theatre, would absolutely go back.

    03/28/2016  5:57pm