Gig&Tell: Bristol Riverside Theatre

  • Not Worth It    
    12/15/2014  12:10pm

    New York actors, stay away. BRT loves to cast second-rate Philly actors, loves to miscast roles with local actors because they're cheap. The directors they get do nothing more than tell you where to stand on stage (and sometimes not even that). When they do house you, the housing isn't great. They talk a big talk and can't back it up. Every production is a mess and you'll feel like you're working in community theatre. They think they're a big player in the Philly theatre scene, but they're not. It's not worth putting yourself through the headache.

    Bristol Riverside has problems, I wouldn't give it the highest rating but I wouldn't take this reviewer seriously since they seem to think being able to afford to live in NYC somehow makes you more talented than everyone else. Take their disrespect for their cast mates based on zip code into account when forming an opinion on this theatre.

    10/09/2015  5:51pm

    I saw a show there and it was of a high professional quality, and 2 people I know who were in it had positive things to say about the company. I don't think it's so bad as described.

    01/20/2017  12:44am