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Gig&Tell: Disney Cruise Line

  • Not for Everyone    
    03/14/2015  10:10pm

    It really depends what ship/itinerary you're on - some are better than others. The Dream can be rough.
    The Toronto apartments are beautiful and were my favorite part of the contract. On the ship, get ready for mediocre food, moldy rooms, silly rules like not being able to walk and drink coffee at the same time and not being able to wear tank tops on the ship in the Caribbean, motion sickness, terrible entitled guests, frustrating officers, etc. A good way to save up money and some are okay with ship life, but there were many people in my cast who refuse to come back.

    I just got an offer to be a disney princess Belle onboard the Dream ship, and I would really appreciate any insight that someone can give me about this role. I am a trained dancer, so I would hate to come back from this contract as a worse dancer than I was before I started. I know that as a face character I will not dance as much as the stage performers, but is this gig still worth it? I would really appreciate any and all thoughts!

    05/25/2018  2:15pm
  • Great Pay & Contract    
    03/11/2015  12:58pm

    Great company to work for. They pay very well and are very good at taking care of their performers.

    The housing in Toronto for rehearsals is amazing and the place itself is incredible.

    The ship is fun but the rooms aren't the best the mainstage rooms are nice and you all get a single cabin. Face characters and characters and dancers all have to share on the classic ships.

    Overall i would say if your a Disney fan and want to try sea life do it. But a word of warning if you have worked for other cruise lines Disney has strict rules about clothing "Disney Look" and character integrity.

    as well as no eating or drinking in passenger areas unless you have a guest on board.

    Haha I'm a HUGE Disnerd and want nothing more than to try sea life ;) Alas never called back... (I'm not their type, I'm discovering what that is lol)
    Anyways, I may not have worked for them, but I know quite a few people who have and they all have good things to say. Yes, they are strict about that 'Disney Look' and they have problems like everyone else, but I've heard mostly good things.

    03/12/2015  10:01am

    What're the guest sailing priv like?

    12/20/2015  12:47am
  • A really hard job    
    11/09/2015  9:04pm

    Yes, it pays great, but on my contract we were doing 14 shows a week plus 8:30 am daily "greetings" (side work where you supervise costume characters) in addition to 6 weeks of understudy rehearsals plus twice -weekly safety drills and weekly "team meetings." I saved a lot of money, owed $4000 in state taxes afterward, and made some wonderful friends. I wouldn't advise anyone to turn it down because the money is too good, but be prepared that it is not an easy gig.

    I owed $1000 in state taxes afterward. Typo.

    11/25/2015  12:55pm