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Gig&Tell: Timber Lake Playhouse

  • The best summerstock    
    11/16/2014  11:11pm

    The pay is terrible and the housing is too, but you will have the time of your life and put on some awesome shows.

    You're a local celeb in Mt. Carroll and get discounts at a lot of shops and cafes.

    They reeeeally take care of you. They provide two meals a day and the chef Donna is amazing and very nice.

    The creative team is awesome. And while the rehearsal space isn't great, I swear it's worth it. Friends and memories that last a lifetime.


    TLP is magical. My favorite place in the woods. worked 2014 and it was amazing.

    Low- Budget Theatre but it doesn't even matter. Good people who pour their hearts into their shows.

    Bonfire every night too.

    Plus. They feed you.

    04/30/2015  11:53am