Gig&Tell: Busch Gardens Tampa

  • Like home!    
    02/14/2015  11:14am

    I've just finished the end of my seasonal contract and I have to say that I will truly miss it. Personally, I do not care for some of the regulations in the entertainment dept. (such as having to take a 3 month leave between contracts) but the performers (full and part timers) made it feel like home for me. 4 shows day, occasional reblocks, huge breaks, massage therapist, athletic trainer for injury prevention, high-quality shows. The only real issue I had was recieving next weeks schedule on Thursday of the current week. It made it difficult to plan around however, there you can put off days in the kiosk. I definitely will be back to Busch gardens!

    Do they have housing?

    10/09/2016  4:27pm

    As last I knew, they do not provide housing, but there are usually people looking for roommates, or locals who have their own homes and might have a room.

    03/11/2018  3:54pm

    I worked on and off at Busch Gardens Tampa since 2007... I went to college like 2 blocks away and my family lives in Tampa, so it was super convenient. I loved working here... as far as theme parks go, the production value was good, the perks were GREAT (free entry to Universal parks as well as all Sea World Parks and Entertainment theme parks). Back in the day you used to get two free cases of beer a MONTH, which was incredible.. not anymore, lol. But it's still a really fun place to work... year round work... nice people. There is indeed access to a massage therapist and an athletic trainer, which I loved. And Tampa is great, and near amazing beaches and Orlando. :) Bring a car.

    03/11/2018  4:00pm