Gig&Tell: Busch Gardens Tampa

  • Like home!    
    02/14/2015  11:14am

    I've just finished the end of my seasonal contract and I have to say that I will truly miss it. Personally, I do not care for some of the regulations in the entertainment dept. (such as having to take a 3 month leave between contracts) but the performers (full and part timers) made it feel like home for me. 4 shows day, occasional reblocks, huge breaks, massage therapist, athletic trainer for injury prevention, high-quality shows. The only real issue I had was recieving next weeks schedule on Thursday of the current week. It made it difficult to plan around however, there you can put off days in the kiosk. I definitely will be back to Busch gardens!

    Do they have housing?

    10/09/2016  4:27pm